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  1. Hello guys, So i have trust issues. Nowadays everyone seems to be after every little bit of information. In fact this has grown so fast that everyone should be bothered. In the wake of certain events surrounding a certain social Network Data leak, i started to ask myself a few questions. Now i live in Belgium. For those that dont know where that is, its where the good beer comes from. Now, down where i live there is basically 1 major internet provider, there are others in the country but this 1 dominates the market so bad that the others are not opperating in every region of the country. With this in mind i wanted to find out if there is any regulatory instance for things like Internet and Information security in my country. Turns out that unless your fluent in dutch and have at least a law degree, you can go f yourself as nobody seems to know anything about it on the belgian state sites. Hell, even some major regional politicians didnt know. From that arise 3 questions: 1. How do i go about finding out who is in charge of what down here? 2. Can I trust my ISP not to eavesdrop on my traffic? 3. And if not, how do i protect myself ( Thinking VPN but id need a VPS for that and do i trust that VPS provider?) any piece of advice would be apreciated Thank you
  2. Hey, my name is Jérôme aka Cerebrussaxon Favourite game: Morrowind Favourite OS: n/a Favourite console: PS4 Nationality: Belgium Accent: German Sex: Male Age: Old Enough Race: White European Height: 1,86 m Status: in a relationship Build: Who cares Favourite band: Santana Favourite book: The Magcians ( Die Zauberer) Favourite author: Michael Peinkoefer Favourite movie: Matrix Favourite director: too many to list Favourite TV Show: Doctor Who Other hobbies: Gaming, Ingress, ... Car: None Occupation: Currently None
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