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  1. I came across the same issue, and found the above solution to get past this stage, however how do you then get internet to the Nano so it can be used? which is my current hurdle?
  2. Before anyone says yes i have used the search on the forums to try and find what im looking for and also i've tried google ? now thats out of the way.. So i purchased a Wifi Pineapple Nano, and did the first part of the setup fine, as in updated the firmware etc, however i cant get any internet connect. From my searching i have found many others with the same issue but no real solution, just bits and pieces on different sites. Also the one guide i did find was based on the older macbooks before apple got rid of the usb ports in favour for the thunderbolt. Im finding it quiet frustrating that you have a product like the Macbook Pro being as popular as it is, and very little documentation or guides on how to actually get the Nano setup and working. Any help on a complete step by step guide would be much appreciated right now
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