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  1. it sounds better than this shit
  2. So i don't have to install any drivers?
  3. The card is not detecting any wifies https://imgur.com/a/7rZoOHp Proof that it did work https://imgur.com/a/ZeaP3Wv This is showing up all the time https://imgur.com/a/6S84m9D
  4. Hi! I got it to work after following the tutorial that you gave me and this tutorial http://hightech.lowlife.io/getting-an-alfa-awus036ach-rtl8812au-working-on-a-virtualbox-instance-of-kali-2017-1/amp/ But after restart it all stopped working... I am thinking of returning the item and buying another one instead...
  5. This is the console error https://imgur.com/a/CIqGD
  6. I am having a problem with fern wifi cracker. The problem is an error message i am getting when selecting a wifi card Here is a picture of the error message https://imgur.com/a/OXgcY
  7. Bamse


    I have been looking in to some other WIFI adapters and one that i like is this one http://www.alfadistribution.com/alfa-network-aus036ach-802-11ac-ac1200-wide-range-usb-3-0-wireless/ Is that one Good? Or could you recommend another one? Thanks!
  8. Bamse


    Hi! Can the AWUS036H do all the same things as the AWUS036NHA? Like injections and so...
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