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    usb ETH non-working

    use the pineapple app from the app store?
  2. iamnotreallyhere

    module issues?

    THANK YOU! @ Sebkinne I could not for the life of me get ettercap and a few other modules installed. I had to manually install libnet1 before using the GUI to install the modules. I just connected via ssh. opkg update opkg install libnet0 (Was up to date). opkg install libnet1 (was missing or needed update). opkg install libnids (was up to date). Afterwards I was able to install using the module manager no problem. Just in case anyone else is having a similar issue.
  3. iamnotreallyhere

    Management AP through Ethernet/router on linux

    THANK YOU worked perfect. I understand. But until figure out which modules use which radios I get tired of walking over there and plugging in my phone. Also I want to use a 3rd USB wifi adapter - I am sure I am going to mess things up along the way. My goal here is have a USB wifi adapter dedicated just to connection ssh and gui. Then I wont need to use Ethernet anymore. Nor will I have to worry about not being able to connect. Thanks again!
  4. iamnotreallyhere

    Management AP through Ethernet/router on linux

    Ok, Ill find it and give it a go tomorrow. I just didn't wanna waste time and screw things up if its not meant for that. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Hello ! First I'd like to say my experience with tetra has been pretty amazing. The radio on this thing is amazing! Nothing compares in that area. Anyway, the problem I'm having is connecting to management interface via Ethernet. The pineapple is able to connect to the internet just fine but I am unable to connect to the management interface through Ethernet. No issues through wifi or through usb port with my phone. It blows my mind I can connect through the USB port but not Ethernet!! I read a few post and it said it's supposed to be as easy as connecting to the assigned IP my router assigns my pineapple. In this case my router assigned I assumed I would just connect using using firefox. As I did connecting via WiFi using 172 range. Is there something special I must do to connect to the pineapple interface via Ethernet?