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  1. on my samsung s7 Q STRING $count ${array[$index]} $count Q DELAY 1500 Q SHIFT ENTER Q DELAY 1500 Q STRING $count ${array[$index2]} $count Q TAB Q ENTER Q DELAY 1500 how ever on some phones its Q STRING $count ${array[$index]} $count Q DELAY 1500 Q SHIFT ENTER Q DELAY 1500 Q STRING $count ${array[$index2]} $count Q RIGHTARROW Q ENTER Q LEFTARROW Q DELAY 1500
  2. i don't know the limit but i think its based on the amount of messages you send in a certain time frame so if you add time to the delay in theory you may be able to message them till you get blocked and you can edit this to work with android mobile phone to sms bomb ppl too
  3. this was made to spam ppl on facebook sends 100+ messages before facebook begins to think you spamming please use responsibly and by that i mean spam the planet LED B SLOW ATTACKMODE HID send=0 count=0 while ((send == 0)) do array[0]=" anonymous has deemed you an unfit person " array[1]=" we are legion " array[2]=" we do not forgive " array[3]=" we do not forget " array[4]=" hack the planet " array[5]=" you have been targeted by anonymous " array[6]=" we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget expect us " array[7]=" anonymous was here " array[8]=" :( " array[9]=" lol lul zzz " array[10]=" lulz " array[11]=" lulzsec was here " array[12]=" 4chan was here " array[12]=" lizard squad was here " size=${#array[@]} index=$(($RANDOM % $size)) index2=$(($RANDOM % $size)) LED G Q STRING $count ${array[$index]} $count Q DELAY 1000 Q SHIFT ENTER Q DELAY 1000 Q STRING $count ${array[$index2]} $count Q ENTER count=$((count+1)) done
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