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  1. Temporary Fix for 2.02 bug Ignore instruction video and specify no MAC or SSID addresses in Filter Page. Steps: 1: In Filter page leave both filter boxes, MAC and SSID, empty && change to 'Deny Connections'. This will pickup all connections available everywhere. 2: Then 'kick' connections from Clients connected to narrow down target range, if desired. Found that this might be an acknowledged issue from bugs page: https://www.wifipineapple.com/bugs/488 Found this as a tip from ki2k(Jan 8th) and the power company(Feb 20th) who suggests that this is a 2.0.2 bug||
  2. WifiPine No Clients Guys, I'm not so fond of being a noob again but with No Clients I am definitely not going to go far with my adorable little nano tactical. Read the booklet as it was a good into to the underlying tech involved. Following the basic outline on intro video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHnQwTCKe2o). Reinstalled and rebooted using the Net interface so 2.02 seems to be working fine. Getting loads of SSID's in the pool but just not a single client to date. I must be doing something really basic wrong. tHowever, most of the MAC's that I've added to
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