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  1. 3 hours ago, Just_a_User said:

    hummm... Are you using wlan1 in client mode to give internet to your pineapple? if you are thats why it could be in use.

    The ????? in airmon-ng output is fine, its been mentioned before and it does not effect operation.

    wlan1 is in client mode but i cant change it, is this causing my problems ?

  2. 2 minutes ago, Just_a_User said:

    No, it shouldnt  be what i thought it was in that configuration.

    I would fire up a ssh connection and run airmon-ng and airodump-ng from terminal - this  will show you if its a module issue and possibly give you more feedback if there are any errors.

    ok i will, and post the results, last time i tried i didnt work either.

    thank you

  3. 3 minutes ago, Just_a_User said:

    I was just thinking about what matches your symptoms. It might  not  be right.

    In the networking tab, you should see the client mode section and there you can see the interface/IP in use. If you did it with a USB 3rd radio it should be set to use wlan2... but if its set to wlan1 then its not using the 3rd radio and is using the internal radio.

    sorry, i meant my nano is connected to internet via my laptop not an extra 3rd radio. Do i need one ?


  4. 12 minutes ago, Just_a_User said:

    Are you using wlan1 in client mode to give internet to your pineapple

    could that be possible if im sharing internet via usb connection ?  if that is the problem how can i change this ? :blink:

    so maybe this is causing the process i cant kill.

    & thank you for your quick response :rolleyes:

  5. 2 hours ago, Sebkinne said:

    What radio are you using? Wlan0 is reserved and will likely cause issues.

    I tried wlan1 but airodump still wont start. 

    If i type „airmon-ng Start wlan1“ the drivers column is filled with „?????“ could this cause problems? 

    For me it looks like airodump cant even start or becomes immediatly blocked by something?!



    btw sorry for my bad english...

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