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  1. So I'm having an issue with my Rubber Ducky, I've tried contacting support via email but it's been 4 days and they've yet to respond. Hopefully I can get my answer(s) here.... I've been working with my Rubber Ducky (for now on I'll call it RD)...and various firmware. I installed the Twinduck firmware on my RD and it worked for a bit. I started to try various payloads on the RD and after a few times the following happens. (Please note MSD is short for Micro-SD) 1) Insert RD W/ MSD formatted as FAT/FAT32: RD flashes red & system does not detect it. 2) Insert RD W/ MSD formatted NTFS: RD flashes green and opens the screen for the MSD folder. Windows reports an error (Code 53) with the RD driver. 3) Insert RD W/O MSD: Flashes green and Windows reports an error with the driver. Now the weird part, if I do #3 above and push the button and remove the RD it actually begins to run the last payload that was configured (yes I'm 1000% sure there is no MSD in the RD). Basically it just runs the first couple of lines and thats it. I've tried to re-flash the firmware thinking the Twinduck firmware is giving me the issues but even when I *CAN* get it into debug mode to flash the firmware Windows still gives an error for the driver. I've tried removing it and re-installing....same problems. So with all that said, is there anything I can possibly do to get my RD working again? Or did my constant fiddling with the payload provide me with a broken RD??
  2. I had a similar issue with my Nano, I was able to get internet on my Nano via ICS but when a client connected to the open wifi it was broadcasting they couldn't get any internet. The solution I went with was to do a factory reset of my Pineapple Nano, once I did that my issue was resolved. It would have been nice to know why it was failing, but I wasn't about to spend several hours trying to find a proverbial needle in a haystack. I was up and running again in 10 minutes tops with my problem gone. Now as for your IPv6 issue, I haven't bothered to look at it just yet as IPv4 is still alive and kicking pretty well. But if I had to wager a guess, I'd say look at your interfaces for the Pineapple if I'm not mistaken there is one there that is utilizing IPv6 you may have to designate that one as the one clients connect to if you want to use IPv6 rather than IPv4.
  3. I've read a few of the posts here regarding the Site Survey module and the only thing I could find that helped was to do everything via SSH via Putty which worked. But I'd like to do it within the web portal. I've installed the module Site Survey (obviously...well it should be at least), I've run the airmon-ng start wlan1 via Putty and it turns on wlan1mon. I run a scan and find my wireless network (I should also mention my computer that the pineapple is attached to is connected via ethernet not wifi). I click the capture button and then the deauth button... Under Running Processes I only see it running the deauth (aireplay-ng) but not the capturing piece. My cell is connected via wifi and never gets kicked off, if I manually disconnect I'm unable to connect again until I turn off both capture and deauth...my phone will keep trying but eventually tells me invalid password. Randomly I'm able to just turn off deauth and connect again but nothing is captured. Is there a step I'm leaving out? I don't have PineAP running or anything at this point. Also just to include this, my ICS is being shared from my PC via it's ethernet connection to the Wifi Connection within Windows. I'm really beginning to suspect all my issues are because of Windows 10, I'm tempted to stop trying within Windows and just fire up my Kali VM and try from there.
  4. Thanks, the factory reset fixed the issue. Now I can connect to the open SSID and get internet access.
  5. I've tried to Google my issue like crazy and read plenty of posts here that seem to have my issue but none say how the issue was resolved. So I'm hoping someone can give me a hand. I have a Wifi Pineapple Nano and I'm running Windows 10, I've setup ICS and configured the Wifi Pineapple to use IP I've updated the route with this IP for the br-lan on the Webportal page. I'm able to download modules and see the bulletin no problem. I connect my Android phone to the open SSID on the Pineapple and it connects but doesn't have any internet service. This is currently the issue I'm facing, I've disabled my PC firewall & A/V just in case it was interfering with ICS. Anyone have any ideas? I'm tempted to factory reset my Nano and re-configure in the off chance I made a config change early on and this is causing all my headaches.
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