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  1. https://ibb.co/hs1b9c https://ibb.co/c17uvH https://ibb.co/hvBtpc https://ibb.co/m4dHFH https://ibb.co/kDijvH
  2. Hello everyone, I wanted to connect my beautiful Pineapple Wifi Mark V in the cigarette lighter of the car, unfortunately it is disconnected and reconnected several times. Since the Mark V lights up more and it gives off a smell of burnt component, so I opened the markV and I see that a piece burned, do you know if it is possible to repair or I have more than to buy a new pineapple wifi? Thank you in advance for your answers is for my first topic on the forum, besides I want to thank the members of Hack5 because their wifi pineapple is very well made. I put some pictures of the burned com
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