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  1. you can read on the Pandora Blog that it works for US, UK and Canada "While the DMCA provides us a blanket license in the U.S., there is no equivalent in other countries. After a year of work, only the UK and Canada have shown enough progress for us to feel comfortable allowing continued access." http://blog.pandora.com/pandora/ I can't even register
  2. :| That does not work for me. - Get an Error message "Technical difficulties" I heard that AOL Users and the Squeezebox still work. Any Ideas?
  3. I have Firefox and it does work. just doublcheck if you are still running flash 8
  4. Unitl Pandora Jar can write the Cover Art and lyrics into the ID Tag you can try to do that with D ZORTAM MP3 MEDIA STUDIO http://www.zortam.com/index.php Works pretty well. It's Freeware but the cool options are all in the "Pro" Version. Or you un- and reinstall the program ever 50-75 Songs you looked up.
  5. Hey bode yes that's true. You can buy and use it. I stick to pandora jar cause it works well for me. Right it was some work to set it up. Right it is still under development (I hope) and not all bugs are fixed. It's a difference to have a Open Source Programm development by some cool guys or one developed by a Company. I like that Pandora Jar "Scrobbles" My Songs to LastFM. And I like that I can just set the volume to zero in Pandora and watch some Videoclips or take a Phonecall on Skype. As fare as I know Replay Music recordes the WAV track from the Soundcard. I realy hope Pandora Jar
  6. :P hey Razor512 thanks for your version the GrabIt button works now guess you used a none "CF" Version. do you know how I can ad a Spaces to make "Artist-Song.mp3" look like "Artist - Song.mp3"? Greetings Kugelblitz
  7. I change all "DownloadMP3Response" to "pandorasJarDownloadMP3Response" and "DownloadMP3" to "pandorasJarDownloadMP3" in the Files pandoraGrabber.html and pandoraGrabber.js and also in every pandorajar.css file. Also updated to the new Java Version. But the Grab it Button does not work. It gives no feedback and no file is stored. Can somebody post the Code of his working pandoraGrabber.html and pandoraGrabber.js ? Or a link to these Files?
  8. little bug report I share a Pandora Radio Station with a friend. Now are all Files ripped into that shared station folder even when I listen to one of my stations.
  9. is there a way to grap only "thumb up" and/or "favourite" songs ? Some kind of Intelligent cruise control?
  10. Most of it works but not every Feature. I'm not in "remote grab" mode and "Cruise Control" is off When I click on "Grap This Track" nothing happens. The Song is not saved in the MP3 Folder. I tried it several Times, Foubelclicks too. Even after the Song was playing over a minute. And I waited watching the MP3 Folder for some time too. When I am in Cruise Controle on mode the Grabbing works. It just saves every Track. Would be great to have a "grab thumbs up Songs" and "grab favourite Songs" and "grab all - Cruise Control" Option. FEATURES: * save mp3 artist/album/song.mp3 WORKS * ID3
  11. Had that Problem too. But since a Cachclean and a reboot it's gone.
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