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  1. Thanks for the reply but I've read this and tried and still does not work.....
  2. 121 reviews and not one reply...?
  3. Hi people, I got my Tetra today, and I was very excited. I love the idea, but I am afraid it is currently not working. I am running Kali linux. I plug the usb into two usb ports, and the other end into Eth microusb. I wait for the Tetra to boot, and I connect to the WiFi. I do NOT see any eth when I run "ifconfig" even after waiting 15 minutes. I connected to the wifi, and got to the web interface. It did perform the firmware upgrade to the latest. It then forwarded me to the Initial Setup, where it instructs me to "quickly" hit the reset button to disable radios. I have done this numerous times, and nothing. I then held the button as instructed for two seconds or longer, and nothing. I am currently stuck at this phase and would appreciate any help someone could provide. I hope to get this resolved. I do not want to have to return the device. I need/want to use this for auditing. It's mission critical and will be used for research that I am wanting to publish in the future. Anyone please help. Thank you very much. - Jordan USMC 2009-2014
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