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  1. Yeah, I know the different approaches of this Methods, but since SSLSplit is a bit more complex and not that easy to prevent from server-side I would like to implement it.
  2. Hi there, as the subject states I am looking for a detailed Guide how to implement SSLSplit on a Raspberry Pi or the Pineapple on actual firmware. I know there is a module on the Pineapple for this, but currently It won't work (I think there are Problems with creating certificates). I alredy tried most of the guides I could find on google, however they ended up not allow any traffic to pass or refuse connections to the access point once SSLSplit is started. Since troubleshooting with this guides hadn't worked with around 20h of work, I would like to know if anybody here has an approcved guide which I may follow to get SSLSplit working. Thanks in advance, Noti
  3. In Addition the Commands of OpenSSL to create Certificates seems to be deprecated...
  4. Hi there, I am expecting the same issues as darkone, when trying to use SSLSplit on 2.0.2.. If I Access the used Scripts via Console via SSH, They seem to use "openssl"-commands to generate certificates. However, the openssl-CLI-commands aren't included in v. 2.0.2. Is there any way to add this commands manually? If this is fixed by the firmware-update, when this Update is planned? I just would like to know, because I try to use this in a showcase at the end of march. Greetings, Noti P.S.: Sorry if this isn't the right Place to ask this... but since the original poster seems to have the same problem I thought It would be appropriate.
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