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  1. Hi Sebkinne, Many thanks for your prompt response, however I am trully disappointed that you are not shipping to South Africa. Is there any other *legitimate* method of buying Hak5 products? Furthermore, do you have any insight as to when you will begin shipping to South Africa?
  2. Hi, According to the Hak5 policy page (https://hakshop.com/pages/policy), it is clearly stated that orders from South Africa will be serviced. I was really excited to see this, however upon trying to order, I am unable to select South Africa from the drop down list of countries. Could you please update this list to include South Africa? I would really love to purchase a Wifi Pineapple Tetra and a Rubber Ducky. Also, please confirm if payment methods are only via Paypal and Amazon Pay? Is direct credit card payment not an option? The payment issue is workable however, but I'd need to select shipping to South Africa first. Please can someone help me. Thanks guys.
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