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  1. in the update notes i saw something about a shadowsocks client, i use shadowsocks because it works more often than not and ovpn is usually blocked, which is why i'd like to explore shadowsocks as an alternative for the time being. any clues as where or how i kind find instructions to set it up on the PS
  2. having just bought the Bashbunny today i was so excited to get it working and do all sorts of things with it after having to wait for a week for it to ship to where i live :3, when i got it i updated the firmware using the osx bashbunny updater tool which worked great and that had me think that it was all going to be smooth sailing from there, but i got this feeling that things that have to do with IT never ever work that simply (at least with me) and luck would have it that i didn't have my windows box with me as i am traveling and i carry my mac with me as it is my daily driver. The suf
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