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  1. Ahh I see and you are completely right. It will get saved to the log.
  2. Tried that but it doesn't seem to solve it, but whatever. The facebook and "old" google login works just fine. However, when the victim types in usr, pass and submits, the plain text "You have not been authorized." appears and if I refresh the page it then says "You have been authorized successfully." Do you know if this is normal?
  3. So I've pulled the latest EP3.0 update, but when using my "victim device" it seems to get WiFi access without needing to sign in, even when it gets a notification about having to sign in. Is it supposed to work like this? And the portal-page seems to appear randomly once in a while. And @kbeflo thanks for your great work with the portals! But the new-google-login seems to give some white/grey-ish background.
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