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  1. They are not in use at all... I don t know why... but I will try and try again. ? Thanks a lot for your explanations. I really appreciate. I hope the new Evil Portal update will arrive soon. Thanks again, Michael
  2. Yes thanks a lot, i just saw you wikipedia link In fact i imagine that I have to use the command line "cp" to copy my portals folders on the sd card. The next step will consist in removing the root portals that use memory, but they say "Impossible" or something like when I try removing it.
  3. Ok many thanks. I will: 1) Check that /sd/portals exist 2) use the command line : ln-s /sd/portals /root/portals I understand that a symlink is a kind of Alias. So do I need to install the portals before on the sd card? Can you give me the command line to use please?
  4. Hi everybody, I have a question concerning Evil portals on my pineapple Nano: I installed the module on the SD card, and the dependencies also on the sd card. When I create a new portal, the file is created directly on the root folder, instead of being installed on the sd card. Other modules work directly on the sd card. I don't understand this issue. I tried both a factory reset and formatting the sd card. Someone could help me please? Thanks a lot. Michael
  5. Hi, That's a fantastic news for the new firmware. Do you think it will fix all the troubles with the modules (installed on sd card) like: - a module that never starts - a module that starts but nothing happends - Impossible to deauthenticate a wireless ssid? Best regards, Michael
  6. Effectively, when I click on deauth (1 to 10 option) on a specific ssid, it never Deauthenticates the wireless device concerned... And don t know why. Who can help me?
  7. Hi, I installed the module tcpdump on my sd card. When I click on start, nothing happens. How can I resolve that bug? I really don t understand. thanks a lot
  8. Hi, I installed the module tcpdump on my sd card. When I click on start, nothing happens. How can I resolve that bug? I really don t understand. thanks a lot
  9. many thanks. I will try it and come back to you, if i got questions (and if it is ok for you
  10. Hi, I tried 4 micro sd cards, and still does not work. Could you please give me a link for the thread "MANA Toolkit for Wifi Pineapples"? I did not find it in this forum (really sorry). Thanks :)
  11. Many thanks for your patience and sympathy. I will give some news when i ll receive the new sd card. Again, thanks !!!
  12. Ok, i Will try with other sd cards. Could you explain how to mount a usb memory? You have to plug in at the back of the pineapple? Then how can you mount it as sd?
  13. Hi, I still got the same issue. Here is the link for the dmesg output :) Hope we will find a solution. https://pastebin.com/index/46RGaSRE Thanks for all
  14. Hi, I just tried find "/ -name sslsplit" and here is my result: root@Pineapple:~# find / -name sslsplit /etc/config/sslsplit /overlay/upper/etc/config/sslsplit /sd/bin/sslsplit When I type: "root@Pineapple:/sd/bin# sslsplit --help" , here is the result: Bus error Do you understand? :) Best regards and thanks for all
  15. Hi, Yes i am totally sure that sslsplit in installed. I changed the etc/profile file but i get the same troubles. I Will try "find / -name sslsplit" and Come back you soon. there are a lot of issues with many modules like dwall, sslsplit, papers. Dont know if it is due to the firmware. I hope a new firmware will be released soon...
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