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  1. Hi! I fear there is an encoding issue with the SSID pool. This is a pineapple without any modules or big changes made to it, using the ssid capture method. After a while, it captures a lot of SSID's that are displayed like this: I'm currently using the new firmware of this current update. Does anybody understand what is happening or know a fix?
  2. My bad, I was on the RFC version, this one is newer & better. Good update!
  3. I've upgraded but the pineapple is very slow and grinds to a halt after about 15 minutes of use. Any idea of why the performance could be so bad on this upgrade? I would even consider switching back of not for the bugs in the old versions being even worse than this poor performance
  4. Jup, lot of API output changed. Fixed it ^^
  5. Well.. now my API calls stopped working. Do you have any idea if the update changed something with the api for the logging and client modules? Sending notifications still works, so it isn't my api key or syntax as far as I can see
  6. Finally managed to upgrade to 2.1.0 RC1 and it worked. Thanks for the help!
  7. If you want to capture and analyse traffic, you are better of using wireshark with your pineapple. With wireshark you can easily filter traffic per IP/device. https://www.wireshark.org/
  8. What exactly is the problem with that? as trashbo4t said: The pineapple DHCP gives you this local, unroutable IP to connect to the Pineapple. It is not unique to the phone, and doesn't say anything about your traffic or your device. It is basically useless to anyone getting acces to it, because anytime you connect your phone to your pineapple you will get a new one.
  9. Hi! I am using the pineapple API to request client data. However, I noticed that whenever I kick or disconnect een cliënt (via the webinterface), the cliënt data keeps being send by the API. How does this happen/ is there a fix for this? Kind regards, Sebastiaan
  10. I do, but it doesn't. Im on the nano but latest firmware (2.02)
  11. Cool! Now the daemon starts properly, and the 'capture SSIDs to Pool' checkbox stays checked. However, the 'log Pineap events' checkbox stays unchecked..
  12. However, When I change these settings, they don't stay 'saved' The checkboxes load as 'checked' but then get unchecked as the page loads further.
  13. Thanks for the clear and easy reply! Have a nice day
  14. Hi all! Is it possible to clear the pineap logs and ssid list using the api? If so, how would one do so? Simply calling the clear logs API calls doesn't do much, though using http post might not be the right http method. All help would be appreciated. Regards, Sebastiaan
  15. turns out, the url has to have a '/' at the end. It works when you use: curl_setopt($c, CURLOPT_URL, "");
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