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  1. Sorry for the late reply, Thanks for the suggestions, I will update you once I have tried out the following suggestions above. Thanks again.
  2. Alright, I'll try out any given options for the pineapple. Another question, since the current firmware is unstable, do you just download the previous firmware (1.1.2) and run it? Or perhaps you would need to do a factory reset or something to get the previous firmware properly installed? Thank you.
  3. We have used iOS and Android both on 3G and above as an internet provider for the pineapple. We have not used the LAN port yet to test out the connectivity issues. May I ask what are you using to have a stable connection? Thanks again for the prompt reply.
  4. Hi guys, Just got the pineapple tetra last week, there are a few issues that I have encountered recently, 1. Module related - Module ettercap has issues where we are unable to install dependencies.- Meterpreter is not functioning as we are unable click start or type anything into the Host and Port.- Sslsplit is unstable as some CSS on the victim's web page are not showing up properly.- HackRF device not found error after installing the module.(We have already tried to do a factory reset and firmware update by following the steps provided in wifipineapple website in LINUX enviroment but its still giving us the same issues) 2. Beginner User GuideAre there any proper WiFi pineapple lab guide or document on how to use each and every module ?3. Unstable InternetOnce the client connects to the internet, they are unable to receive internet connection. However, on the attacker's laptop, there were no connection issues. Is there any way to resolve this?4. Pineapple Association Enquiries I understand that the pineapple WiFi is able to pick up probe request from devices, and the device will automatically connect to the pineapple as long as the signal strength is higher than the original AP. However, it does not seem to work for us in encrypted WiFi such as WEP/WPA/WPA2 etc but only open WiFi. I understand that not only SSID needs to match but also the encryption type in order for the victim to connect to pineapple automatically. Thus, the question is, will the device ONLY automatically connect to pineapple in an open network? Thank you.
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