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  1. Not one of the hak5 products is working properly

    1. The library computer likely has protections against people doing this sort of thing, which is why it isn't working 2. It's illegal, which is why everyone else (including myself now) are telling you to stop. So stop trying to break other people's property, whether it's intentional or unintentional.
  2. Anonymous reverse shell

    Yes, you do have to put an IP in your reverse shell. However, you could buy a server in a country with lax internet laws and send your traffic to that in a screen session, then just ssh into that through tor and you're pretty much untraceable, as long as they can't trace the money you've spent. There are ways to remain anonymous when doing these kind of attacks, but for most pentesting jobs, a raspberry pi running a server is pretty much golden, since you're on contract with the company and don't need to remain anonymous. You'd use the same technique (seriously, look into screen), and the setup would be pretty much identical.
  3. Radio Suggestions Please

    ooh I want one too.... I already have an NHA, but you can never have too many wifi adapters
  4. Open VPN Reverse Tunnel

    I'm going to bump this, since it's been a while since it was posted. I still need help on this issue, as I'm rather stuck
  5. airodump-ng no output?

    Lol nobody is a user just like any other. Linux has easter eggs built into it, you'll learn that the more you play with it. Atd is a scheduling operation, which means it will tell certain scripts when to run. I don't personally have a pineapple, so I can't tell you what process you need to kill, as I don't know what the name of the process is that's reviving those daemons and putting you back into managed mode. However, I can ping @Sebkinne, as he built the WiFi pineapple, and hope that he should be able to help us figure out what's going on.
  6. Suggest USB Wifi adapter for Kali linux

    Yes, the drivers work on all unix based systems, so they will work on a mac. I'd recommend installing linux, as you'll get far more use out of it in an OS that you can customize and change settings to your liking. You could increase the txpower, which will increase the range. If that isn't far enough for you, look into 2.4Ghz Yagi-Uda Antennas. They're really fun, as they can give you wifi ranges of over a mile. Hak5 has a video talking about it.
  7. Hacking Hobby Limits and Possibilities

    This is more of a legal question. The way I look at it is: If I have to ask if I'll get into trouble doing something, I shouldn't do it. Only hack on your own network, and nobody elses. DO NOT bring your pineapple to school, or try to show off what you can do there. It's good that you're getting into this field early, but you have to understand that there are limits if you want to pursue this legally. I'd recommend installing linux on your computer and customizing it. Learn the CLI, and teach yourself how it works under the hood. This will come in super handy when you learn server exploitation in the future. Not to mention, Open Source is superior to windows.
  8. airodump-ng no output?

    Use top by default, you can see all users processes. You then take the pid (process id) of that program and type kill 000000 Where 000000 is the process ID of the program you want to kill. If you're still confused, look into killing daemon processes on linux. If you already know the name of the process you want to kill, you can use the command I wrote above.
  9. airodump-ng no output?

    Does your prompt end in "$" or "#"? If it's #, you're running as root, which means you don't need sudo. Check kill kills those processes, but those processes are necessary for networking to work, which means the pineapple has a script that keeps bringing them back. You can kill them manually: killall -9 NAMEOFPROCESS but if it's a revival script, it'll just keep bringing those processes back. I don't think you're able to do sniffing without killing a few processes, which is why your airodump is failing. You should look into what's running, using top.
  10. The problem with most windows backdoors (including reverse shells) is that they need the window open to function. Your best bet is going to be to try and hide that window, so I've linked some stackexchange answers that explain how to do exactly that below. Most of these involve making the script into a vbs object, which by default run in the background on windows systems. Answer #1 Answer #2
  11. Yardstick 1 implemented with RPi 3?

    The Pi is a small arm linux box, so this is very feasible. You'd want to use software like GQRX to listen to signals, and there is plenty around for decoding. I've used my Pi 3 and Pi 2 with my RTL-SDR, and I haven't had any problems. I don't see how this would be any different. The yardstick one has linux drivers available, and this project shouldn't take too long to complete.
  12. snifing phone messages

    Yes you can, but you need an antenna for the specified frequency. Some standards are encrypted, so you won't be able to read the traffic, but you'll be able to capture it. You will probably need an HackRF, because no RTL-SDR receives in the 850/1900 Mhz bands used by GSM. IIRC, 2G uses a weak encyption protocol, so you could probably crack it with a good enough GPU in under an hour with Hashcat. 3G is a bit better, and you won't be cracking 4G unless you have a LOT of processing power. You can read up on an attack done around 2010 at CCC Here. Edit: After looking around a bit more myself, I found this. It looks like you can sniff GSM with RTL-SDR. Go figure.
  13. STR & ADB

    Yes you can, but not at the same time. They way the RTL-SDR is designed makes it only able to process one input at a time, so you can have flightaware running, or you can read ADSB. Because of this, you can't "split the signal." Btw, the flightaware dongle is really just an RTL-SDR with a focus on ADSB reception. For anyone else reading this, I recommend the dongle kit from RTL-SDR.com. I'm not paid by them or anything, but it's the one I use, and the dipole antenna works great. You can use it for ADSB too, but you end up paying a bit less because it's not marketed as for a specific application.
  14. airodump-ng no output?

    Yes, you should be seeing that. Is your adapter in monitor mode? sudo airmon-ng start wlan0 Where you replace wlan0 with the name of your interface. I can't really give any other help than that based on the info that you provided. We're going to need a bit more about what you're trying in order to try to help you if the above doesn't solve the problem.
  15. Best Monitor-Mode Compatible USB Wifi Adapters?

    First off, there are plenty of resources for things like this out there, not to mention numerous threads. Personally, I'd recommend the Alfa AWUS036NHA. It's the flagship of WiFi hacking, and will do everything you need it to. It's also only around 40 dollars. It can do monitoring, packet injection, and much more, not to mention you have the capability of attaching multiple antennas. Not to sound like an infomercial, but I love my alfa.