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  1. Its been a while since I read the book, but that makes a lot of sense! but yes, CTRL ESCAPE does bring it up. I guess I need to go read the book again :P
  2. It is Windows 10 build 1709. Your inject.bin worked. It opened the run box, then notepad, then typed "Hello World" and then put 3 new lines. I think part of my problem was that I was probably putting "GUI R" not "GUI r" I still dont know why "WINDOWS" or "GUI" or "CONTROL ESCAPE" doesnt bring up the windows menu, but that is just a small issue. Im sure as I learn more I'll figure something out. Thanks guys!!
  3. I have tried that, but I can't even get the start menu. I had notepad open and plugged in the ducky and got "eNotepad" then "test".. it types strings and enter correctly, but I can't get the start menu or run dialog at all
  4. I seem to be having issues with my rubber ducky. I used the ducky-flasher utility to flash my ducky to the twin duck, then back to the original firmware. I have a basic script to test and I am not getting anything. but I am not even getting the windows menu on any of the three computers I have tried. Am I missing something? I have tried an online encoder as well as my encoder on my laptop with a US keyboard but nothing. It is saved as inject.bin and put on the root directory of the drive. Here is the script I am trying that is not working. I have replaced "CONTROL ESCAPE" with "GUI" and "WINDOWS" to no avail DELAY 3000 CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 500 STRING Notepad DELAY 200 ENTER DELAY 2000 STRING TEST DELAY 200 ENTER
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