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  1. Take site homepage offline, or leave online, but with really loud warning. Dumbasses who you have described who use important passwords on fun sites ARE at risk, you need to emphasise it more now and in the future.
  2. Got ter email, and have no idea it was really from you. Move now and fast and Fuck the smiley fest. Cred.
  3. Ok, I'll put a proposal together to the analog.5 guys. Anything you think would be cool to include? (Excluding global peace, free beer for all etc).
  4. It will be about using the DOM server side (not necessarily php but I like it) to do stuff like: $oDoc = new DomDocument(); if (!@$oDoc->loadHTMLFile($sURL = $_REQUEST['URL'])) die("Failed to load '$sURL'"); $oQuery = new DomXPath($oDoc); if ($aNodes = $oQuery->query('//div')) { foreach ($aNodes as $oNode) { $oNode->setAttribute('style', 'border: 1px solid #FF0000'); $oNode->setAttribute('onclick', "alert('clicked'); return 0;"); } } echo $oDoc->saveHTML(); Which simply highlights all the 'div' elements on a page in red and adds a javascript onclick handler (no event trapping!) etc if you put it on a php 5+ server and provide URL=<something> in the query string. Doesn't use XLST, (too site specific) but uses XPath, and can be extended to inject code/content, reposition stuff on screen if you don't like the page layout etc
  5. Check out stuff like PIC chips or the ATMEL chips - they are basically single chip solutions with built in USB, IDE interface, RAM, Flash memory etc so with minimum glue you can interface to ide drives (even pcmcia), keyboards etc. Problem is now that alot of stuff uses surface mount technology so you can't just buy a breadboard and solder something together, but the flip side is that aloy of the chips have emulators that run under windows/linux and good debugging/programming interfaces to load your software on and embedded OS's ready to go. IMHO a search for BTNode, PicoWeb or Ethernut is a good way to start as some of the older kits would provide you with a PCB and such to get building your own.
  6. This may be teaching a dog to suck eggs, but a good start is to install cygwin which allows you to use all the unix style scripts/commands/tools under Windows (as well as doing ssh servers, apache, whatever you want really). Best features are things like being able to use rsync over ssh to backup your data securely, use the updatedb and locate functions to find files, use find to create scripts which act on lists of files etc. And it's free.
  7. Just wondering if anyone is interested in an article about using PHP/DOM to hook/skin (other) sites on the server level, say if they don't have an rss feed but you want to save the content, change stylesheets, add some script etc? It's pretty easy so I was thinking about doing an article for Analog.5 if anyone is interested (and my writing isn't too shit).
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