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  1. Once Telnet is up couldn't the rest be formed into a fire and forget script? (handy if its rebooted)
  2. Stupidly fiddly mounting solution - Telnet live :)
  3. Nice work @azzy9 giving us a foothold in the system to play with. Hopefully have time tonight to shuck the drive to get started.
  4. Its important to know before you start that 5Mb + 5Mb != 10Mb. Multi WAN gets you more speed for more tasks, but doesnt make a single connection any faster. So the likes of BitTorrent might be faster but pulling a disk image from MSDN will be the exact same speed.
  5. You can chain as much as you like - simplest way to do this is to ssh from local to remote 1 to remote 2 to remote 3 to remote 4....... If you spin up 10 VPSs you could do this in seconds. Bear in mind though that if you're using a mix of protocols that TCP over TCP will cause you a big headache unless the machines are all colo.
  6. Cheers (this is 1 more towards my 5 #cheekyNecro)
  7. My name is Eyebot duraframe subject E Favourite game: FNV Favourite OS: Jewbuntu Favourite console: GBC Nationality: Leprechaun Sex: Robot Age: 276 Race: Enclave Height: However high I wanna be Status: Following a freak in a boiler suit
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