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  1. Great! I do not have much appreciation for the CS100 xDD. This thing works very badly. Ok, I understood. Change the value of the rcS file to be able to access it using telnet (I already have the hard drive removed). At this point where you are, what is working and what is not with debian? It is indeed a huge step. If I have time today or tomorrow, I'll try it. You're a machine! Thank you!
  2. Hi @nimrud! First of all, thank you very much for all your work. Hopefully we can hack this thing! I bought 2 and I wanted to know you have only connected the hard drive to linux or you have connected the whole device. These Linux commands, what exactly do they do? Install debian? Do you install the WDTV OS? What do you have to do and put exactly to prove? I do not understand too much about hacking or linux but I am willing to try! Thanks again for your work. Greetings!
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