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  1. The Pineapple has many features that make it a multi-layer tool in the steps of pentesting. It can do everything from passive sniffing to dns spoofing. Where should this fit into my workflow? And where has it fit into yours? Thank You! -Michael
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    AutoSSH and KeyManager

    Hello everybody I started up my LAN turtle for the first time today and have encountered many problems, this being the biggest. I was following Darrens tutorial for AutoSSH when this error popped up after pressing "copy_key" on the Key Manager module. "There was an error retrieving the key fingerprints." I saw a post similar to this but the solution presented did not work for me. https://forums.hak5.org/topic/37070-keymanager/ Im using the same cloud hosting service that Darren is using and its running Ubuntu 16. There are no problems PuTTY'ing into the LAN Turtle or the server. Any suggestions besides the one already posted? Michael