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  1. Yeah, that worked 100%. Tested a few times and the issue with the empty password.txt file is fixed. Once again, thank you very much for your time and quick response.
  2. I've tried this a few times with two configurations of the folders, in the first I got in the payload folder (switch 1) the following files: laZagne.exe, payload.ps1, payload.txt (nothing in the "tools" folder) with this, it creates one empty file with the name "password_NAME.txt". The second configuration, the payload folder is exactly the same, but I added laZagne.exe in the "tools" folder, and with that, the BB creates a new file "password_NAME1.txt" with the actual passwords. I would like to know if there is a way for not losing the laZagne.exe (in the "tools") everytime the BB gets unpluged, because it seem only to work with laZagne.exe in the "tools" folder. Thanks for you time!
  3. Hey, I'm having a problem with the BB and just want to know if I'm the problem or if there are more people with the same issue. I got the BB a few days ago, and I'm trying to use the PasswordGraber. I managed to get it working, but everytime I reboot in Arming Mode (or disconnect and re-connet) , the "tools" folder gets empty, and with that, I`m losing the lazaGne.exe, so everytime I want it to work I need to copy the .exe back to the "tools" folder. Thanks, and hope I can find some help.
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