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  1. Yeah, I tried to do this (it was really hard to understand from translation) but i have my Firefox FoxyProxy set to Tor but when i go to pandora.com it says "We believe that you are in Germany (your IP address appears to be". When I'm at Default it says "Canada" (which is where I'm from), and when I go to the Proxy name I created.. nothing loads.. as if its disconnected.. What did I do wrong? :-(
  2. Razor, is the "Grab" button problem occur with you as well. Thanks for fixing this problem, but I'm just wondering if everyone is getting this same problem.
  3. So, has this new version came out yet? I have the same problem. I load it up with my custom made .bat file, and then once localhost is loaded I tab in www.pandora.com, but the button "Grab This Track" doesn't work. It's inoperable. It doesn't work.
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