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    Flashing Ducky

    I'm trying to put my ducky into its original state and i followed the instructions on flashing it (I used the c_duck_us.hex image (lmk if this is not the right one)) and everything passed (I did get a warning tho) Then after that i get a green and red flashing light so I unplug it and put the sdcard back in and nothing happens then i click the DFU button and it types this. This will type whether i have the SD card in or not and this is not the script i have on the card. How should i go about resetting the firmware
  2. How do i factory reset the USB rubber ducky. I tried to install twin duck but that did not end up working (green and red flashing light and will not read payloads) if you know the problem with twin duck let me know but how do i flash default firmware or what firmware can i use that will allow me to store exe's on the device itself and execute them or is that not possible without and external internet connection.