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    PineAP Beacon Response

    Thank you, @Darren Kitchen! I'm really happy to see that Hak5 is standing behind their products and doing what they (you) can to make this right. It's unfortunate that it turned out to be a hardware issue -- I was really hoping for a software fix. As per your instruction, I've confirmed the issue does resolve when the antennas are removed, I'll update my support ticket with the MAC address and wait for return shipping.
  2. s3gfault

    PineAP Beacon Response

    Thank you, it's much appreciated. Just to update: I've also tried using a brand new 12V/6A power supply to ensure it wasn't power related -- unfortunately, it's still happening.
  3. s3gfault

    PineAP Beacon Response

    @Sebkinne Do you have any ideas what's going on in regards top enabling Beacon Response and the subsequent crash I'm experiencing? Is there any troubleshooting I can do to help you isolate the cause? This is a brand new TETRA using the officially supplied power supply. No modifications or additional software was installed on it and it happens 100% of the time. P.S. This topic is starting to get a bit off topic
  4. s3gfault

    PineAP Beacon Response

    Thanks for the information, I'll check the iptables rules when I get home tonight and see if there's anything wrong. Since this is a brand new TETRA with stock firmware, I'd expect this to work out of the box -- it sounds like if we're both affected after upgrading to 2.0.2, then this is a firmware issue and a bug should opened for it. I'll do that now (if one hasn't already been opened). I'm able to access the shell via the UART connection, so I have a workaround for now. The bigger problem is the TETRA restarting when Beacon Response is enabled, this happens every time it's enabled.
  5. s3gfault

    PineAP Beacon Response

    I'm connected via the USB cable.
  6. Hopefully someone can help me troubleshoot a few issues I'm having with my TETRA. I've completed the initial setup and ICS script seems to work fine -- upgraded firmware to newest and all looks good. However I have 2 issues that I've been unable to sort out so far. Most importantly, whenever I enable the PineAP daemon and select Beacon Response, the TETRA reboots. I click on save settings and after a few moments the blue and red LED will go solid for about 3 seconds and then the device restarts. This happens every time and is easily reproduced. I've already factory reset and did a firmware recovery -- no modules have been installed at this point. I'm powering the device via the 12V/2A wall adapter that was provided in the kit. The other issue is that I'm not able to SSH into the TETRA. According to the documentation, I should be able to but I don't see port 22 as being open. Looking into the logs, I do see the following error messages: Mon Jan 8 03:38:44 2018 user.info autossh[1284]: starting ssh (count 12) Mon Jan 8 03:38:44 2018 user.info autossh[1284]: ssh child pid is 1738 Mon Jan 8 03:38:44 2018 user.info autossh[1284]: ssh exited with error status 255; restarting ssh I'm at a loss for things to try at this point -- please any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!