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  1. Another question: I keep trying to change the timezone to mine: pacific; I apply, save, reboot, and the NANO keeps changing the time zone to Europe. How can I fix this?
  2. Stev, did you find a resolution for this? I have the same problem and putting the commands in rc.local did not help. Did you finally accomplished the goal of booting the router and have the VPN running without having to run the commands yourself using the Y cable and leaving the SSH sessions alive?
  3. Thank you, JAU! How do I use the screen to resume the closed/dropped ssh sessions from my Nexus 5?
  4. Another silly question: I have a VPS with Openvpn running. I can make my NANO direct all the traffic through my VPN by SSH'ing into the NANO and running openvpn client.ovpn, and then updating the IP tables with three commands. I have to do this manually and -even worse!- I have to leave the SSH sessions open to keep the router working properly with the VPN I need to take my router elsewhere, and I only have my Nexus 5 to go with it. I need a way to run the openvpn client.ovpn and three IPTABLES commands and leave them 'alive' in the router without having to keep it connected to my PC (there will be no 'my PC' in the outside world) . How do I accomplish this?
  5. Hello. I just purchaced a new NANO and I am absolutely happy with it. My problem is that I cannot connect to the configuration UI( when the router is not connected to a computer using the Y cable... is this always this way? Is there a way to connect to the UI via WIFI. I am thinking about carrying it around, go to my favorite Starbucks and have it connected to the public wifi so I can use it as an access point with my VPN for my phone. I do not want to also carry my windows computer around to connect the router with the Y cable each time I need to hook to a new wifi. What am I doing wrong?
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