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  1. oh i actually didnt know that. thanks i will
  2. i should probably mention that my ultimate goal is to execute an exe in the switch1 directory on the bash bunny without prior knowledge of the drive letter
  3. I'm trying to run the script below to get the drive letter of the Bash Bunny then change directories to it but i keep having issues with the apostrophes and dollar signs # test LED B ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE LED Y 300 RUN WIN powershell.exe DELAY 100 QUACK STRING "$USBDrive = Get-WmiObject Win32_Volume -Filter "DriveType='2'"|select -expand driveletter" QUACK ENTER DELAY 50 QUACK STRING "cd $USBDrive/payloads/switch1" QUACK ENTER i added quotation marks before and after the commands i wanted to execute because usually that runs anything through QUACK containing an apostrophe without error
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