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  1. Can someone help or any advice? Has anyone ran into this issue?
  2. I purchased a NANO Tactical kit about year ago. I finally had some time today to try and set it up. I installed the new release. I followed all instructions per Darren. I got it working perfectly on my laptop using just my Windows 10 OS. I was able to log into the NANO and Download Bulletins from WiFiPineapple.com and Modules. PROBLEM STARTS The problems starts when I wanted to use my NANO on my Kali VM (Virtual Box). I went through the steps to get it set up using the wp6.sh script. I was able to successfully connect to my NANO with the link at the end that shows "Browse to". I am able to click on that link which opens up an internet page prompting with the login screen to my NANO. I enter my password and I am able to get in, but when I click on Load Bulletins from WiFiPineapple.com I get the following error "Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection" I also get the same error if I go to Modules and try to click Get Modules. TROUBLESHOOTING So to test I successfully SSH to my NANO and tested a couple connections. I am able to ping my following IP addresses,, which is my gateway to the internet. I am also able to Ping WiFiPineapple.com with successful responses. I tried a traceroute to WiFiPineapple.com and I see 30 successful hops going to the Destination of WiFiPineapple.com. #1 hop is #2 hop is and rest of the hops are all public IP internet hops all the way until it reaches WiFiPineapple.com @ I don't understand why I can reach WiFiPineapple.com from the NANO through SSH but not through the GUI interface. I can also open up a browser window and goto WiFiPineapple.com website without issue. This has me stumped. I been working on it for last 3 hrs, but I am finally reaching out for some help. Has anyone else ever had this issue? If I could please get some help I would greatly appreciate it. I am not a NOOB at any of this so no need to be treated as such. I hope someone out there has a remedy for this! Thanks in advance for any help is received.
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