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  1. Update! I figured out that I can deauth connections only on the 2.4 ghz range but not the 5 ghz range. How does this make sense?
  2. I am having an issue with the tetra when it comes to deauthing from the recon tab. I scan the network and can see devices that are on particular SSIDs. When I click on the down arrow and click deauth nothing happens and that device is never deauthed from the network. Anyone else having this same issue? Am I doing something wrong? I didn't seem to have the same issue with the nano.
  3. Ok I got that working by changing the filters to allow mode. Now I'm having a different issue. When i set up the open SSID under the networking tab and set up the wifi client mode to connect to my home internet. I can then connect my phone to the pinapple with the open SSID. Now, when I go to use the PineAP and enable the Daemon it turns off the wifi client mode. The PineAP rebroadcasts the SSID pool but now my phone won't connect to the pineapple through one of the rebroadcasted SSIDs. Why does this keep happening?
  4. I had the same problem with not being able to connect and had to change the filters to deny mode and that worked. However, I set up the open ssid under the network tab and connected to the wifi client mode to my home wifi internet connection and i can connect to the pineapple through the open ssid, but whenever I use the PineAP and allow associations and rebroadcasting of the SSIDs and then try to connect to one of the rebroadcasted SSID it wont connect and it says internet may not be available. Any idea why I can't connect to one of the rebroadcasted SSIDs?
  5. I am having an issue with the Pinapple Tetra. I set up everything as the instructions stated. I am sharing my internet connection with the wifi pinapple and have changed my wifi pineapple to a static ip of When I go into the PineAP and allow associations and broadcast SSID to rebroadcast the secured wifi signals in the air it does rebroadcast, but when I try to connect from another device to the open wifi from the wifi pineapple it says authentication error occured and will not connect to my wifi pineapple. The wifi pineapple is getting a internet connection, its just no clients can connect to the wifi pineapple. What am I doing wrong here???
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