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  1. A single BTS can have multiple TRXs and hence a different frequency assigned to each of these.
  2. Which payloads have you tried?
  3. Samy is a hacking legend. Check out some of his other hacks too.
  4. Very interesting, I will do some investigating too...
  5. I wonder if you got it working in the end?
  6. Have you tried editing the script syntax as recommended? I know little about python but would try that to debug to start with. Good luck!
  7. Nice work! I agree these provide good bang for buck with lots of ports.
  8. Google or pastebin, such data not difficult to come across normally
  9. This is a question I have pondered too. I think there must be a clever way of doing this? I wondered about an anonymous proxy as a relay or the use of tor? I guess another compromised server might be the best anon solution in theory?
  10. Yep, I found exactly the same with the VM filter! Using a VPN is one workaround. It doesn't seem to work very well either as a way of blocking content, I think it just uses a different DNS so you might be able to access so called blocked content directly from the IP address. It certainly seemed unreliable even when enabled.
  11. I have not tried Kali from an external HD. I do find Kali running from an encrypted persistent USB install unstable recently. I had assumed it was my USB flash drive on the way out as it was fine previously and USB3..
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