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  1. J1m

    HackRF Discord

    Invite expired
  2. A single BTS can have multiple TRXs and hence a different frequency assigned to each of these.
  3. J1m

    Android APK Install

    Which payloads have you tried?
  4. J1m

    List of free WiFi's

    Try wigle.net
  5. J1m

    hak5 video .. mag strip guy - help

    Samy is a hacking legend. Check out some of his other hacks too.
  6. Very interesting, I will do some investigating too...
  7. J1m

    DECT & HackRF

    I wonder if you got it working in the end?
  8. J1m

    Issues w/ SSLstrip for days.... syntax errors :-(

    Have you tried editing the script syntax as recommended? I know little about python but would try that to debug to start with. Good luck!
  9. J1m

    Linux on Android TV Boxes

    Nice work! I agree these provide good bang for buck with lots of ports.
  10. J1m

    IPTV Links - Sports Channels

    Google or pastebin, such data not difficult to come across normally
  11. J1m

    Anonymous reverse shell

    This is a question I have pondered too. I think there must be a clever way of doing this? I wondered about an anonymous proxy as a relay or the use of tor? I guess another compromised server might be the best anon solution in theory?