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  1. payloads - Orig - Copy.zip
  2. ItsMe0k


    Thanks Dave-ee So I am not sure if this logic works well. I put the wait in place of the halt and then start over. #!/bin/bash # TCPDump payload v1.0 function monitor_space() { while true do [[ $(df | grep /mnt | awk '{print $4}') -lt 10000 ]] && { kill $1 LED G SUCCESS sync break } sleep 5 done } function finish() { # Kill TCPDump and sync filesystem kill $1 wait $1 sync # Indicate successful shutdown LED R SUCCESS sleep 1 # Waiting for USB.. LED OFF while [ -f /mnt/NO_MOUNT ]; do sleep 1 done # USB found [[ ! -f /mnt/NO_MOUNT ]] && { LED ATTACK run & monitor_space $! & } || { LED FAIL } } function run() { # Create loot directory mkdir -p /mnt/loot/tcpdump &> /dev/null # Set networking to TRANSPARENT mode and wait five seconds NETMODE TRANSPARENT sleep 5 # Start tcpdump on the bridge interface tcpdump -i br-lan -w /mnt/loot/tcpdump/dump_$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S).pcap &>/dev/null & tpid=$! # Wait for button to be pressed (disable button LED) NO_LED=true BUTTON finish $tpid } # This payload will only run if we have USB storage [[ ! -f /mnt/NO_MOUNT ]] && { LED ATTACK run & monitor_space $! & } || { LED FAIL }
  3. ItsMe0k


    My observation is that when you press the button and remove the usb the PS keeps traffic flowing. But you can't plug a usb back in and continue capturing with out a restart. Is there a way to allow a continuation of capturing?
  4. I searched and didn't find anything on if the PS could handle. I tested and it does capture all the vlans and tags. Now, I don't know how and if you can use the PS to do active things on 1 or all vlans. Anyone try this?
  5. Page 7 to sure 8 serial of SSH 8 with to the 17 stat Windows 35 automatically your 36 3rd paragraph location wrong
  6. Yep, I get that but eventually there would have to be a version with new hardware that would, right? That's what I want to know.
  7. I know it is not supported now but when will it be?
  8. Going to play with this. Just curious, how come you don't do a pull request and have it put in the main GitHub?
  9. Thanks. Ok so like for this update, does the author still need to do something or is it waiting to be approved etc.? I notice the one that is downloaded is not this one. same question for this one, it isn't in there at all yet?
  10. How often do the updated or new payloads get moved to where bashbunnyupdater uses?
  11. I can't get this to complete the download on my nano with 2.0.2
  12. No problem, appreciate all your work. P.S. for future feature request, also dependencies. I got all of them and the dependencies except for ettercap and ngrep dependencies wont install.
  13. There is a patched version of RDP that allows you to connect concurrently and then switch to shadow the local user. This allows you to see exactly what the user is doing on your screen. Anyone smarter than me that can figure out how to enable this?
  14. Will there be a comparable Squirrelupdate.exe like the Bashbunnyupdate.exe that clones the library to the PS?
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