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  1. Didn't think that it was that hard to do... sorry :D I thought that it would be just a cable that had SATA on one side and 2x USB on the other side, and we'd be set... :D I guess it's much better for me to buy a premade cable then... thanks!
  2. It's a nice idea, but I want to hack it myself... I don't want to buy adapters... I just want to feel that accomplishment...
  3. I was wondering how I would be able to connect my SATA disk via USB. I've been looking at the pinouts for both USB and SATA, and I saw that USB has only two data pins, but SATA has four of them. How would I go about connecting them together, leaving power alone for now... Would I have to connect it via two USB connectors or can I just connect two of the data pins together, so I only have two? Thanks!
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