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  1. Make sure you have the filters setup correctly Deny mode means that the listed Mac address's will not be allowed to connect. So if you want lots of devices to connect without adding Mac address's to the list set it to deny mode. This method is also know as blacklisting Allow mode means that any of the Mac address's listed can connect and have to be on this list to connect. Devices that are not on this list have to be added to connect. This is also known as whitelisting as all other devices will be rejected
  2. I fixed my issue. Had to refresh WiFi pineapple DNS a few times
  3. My current issue is that when I enable sslsplit my rouge ap looses internet connection immediatley , I am aware that people say its use will only last long but I still attempt to use it. Any suggestions, I get internet access on my management ap though . I understand if there are no fixes for this
  4. So go to the filters tab in your pineapple then Chang both settings to deny. This means any Mac address in the list will not be able to connect to your pineapple. If you have allow you will have to add the Mac address of the d vice you want to connect
  5. Thank you! Fixed the problem. Teaches me not to brush over each panel then. Thanks
  6. So the title pretty much somes it up. I have setup my WiFi pineapple nano to the latest firmware after factory firmware from the recovery process ,I received it used from a family member. Everything is fine and I attempt a basic hack with Dwall but to setup you have to use the open ssid to connect client to your open network. However my windows pc won't wirelessly connect to the open access point (I'm using my phone to command the device over usb to intercept http ) but unfortunately windows says it cannot connect to the network
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