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  1. Sorry I'm having so many issues, got a new modem because my old one was 6 years old but now my pineapple wont get an internet connection. I followed darrens video on windows setup exactly and it still doesnt work.
  2. directly to my windows 8 pc, ive tried holding the reset button for seven seconds but it will just flash after i do that. Ive tried the firmware update but it wont let me visit Thats about all ive tried. when I try to visit 192... it tells me that it took too long to respond
  3. tried to factory reset because it started blinking again but now it wont let me visit Any solutions? Also I'm new to this so i dont get alot of the technical terms and such, thanks
  4. Ive tried factory resettting it and holding the reset button but nothing is seeming to work, everytime i factory reset it and plug it back in it wont stop blinking
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