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  1. Thank you for helping out! I was able to locate the button on my turtle in the exact same spot as you marked. In the SD version the button is a bit wider and is colored gold.
  2. Hello, I was trying to reset my Lan Turtle SD but can't seem to find the magic reset button. I've pulled the board out of the plastic shell but can't find the "button at the bottom of the board". Does anyone know where the button is located on Lan Turtle SD or perhaps knows of a picture that demonstrates where the button is located? Any help is appreciated.
  3. That explains it. I'm using SSH because its the only protocol allowed on the target network.
  4. Great to hear that it's ok to reset the bunny multiple times in a row. If the hard drive fails due to too many writes, can we say that the bunny died of natural causes?
  5. Hello, I was playing with Packet Squirrel and noticed that an AutoSSH package is missing from the installed tools. It's listed as "Included Tools" on the Documentation page: https://www.hak5.org/gear/packet-squirrel/docs The closest thing I was able to find was sshtunnel.sh script. I tried installing AutoSSH via opkg but it returns an error because autossh is a 'old' package, all of which were removed from the mirrors. Is it possible to get AutoSSH in next firmware update please?
  6. Hello, How safe is it to use the factory reset feature? Will I run into problems if I use it an avarage of 3-4 times a day? Here's the reasoning - I'm developing and testing a custom payload for the Bash Bunny and it involves installing extra tools from multiple sources (apt-get, pip, gcc). I want to keep the installation stage tidy and separate so that it's easy to install all components on a brand-new Bunny. In order to test a "clean install" I need to keep on resetting the Bunny. Will I run into troubles down the road if I keep resetting the Bunny?
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