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  1. Excellent update! No problems during the process and now the Arming Mode is working fine and easy! Thanks to the Team!!!
  2. Hi Darren, is there a way to do a factory reset to the Signal Owl? Thank you, best regards.
  3. Hi imsplitbit, I have the same problem, did you get back your Owl? I would appreciate any information that you can share with me. Best regards.
  4. After upgrade to 2.4.1 the SSID broadcasting is working well. Regards.
  5. Hi, many thanks for your comments. The reason why I am asking is because in previous version the SSIDs broadcasting worked different, I remember that the broadcasting was continuous, but know it works only for a couple of minutes. Thinking on this, imagine that you are working in an assessment for offices inside a Mall, if you propagate continuously SSIDs regarding coffees, restaurants, etc. (catched in the Mall) to the people in the offices, you have more opportunity to trick them and catch their connections through SSIDs that maybe they don not have in their phones, this because you are propagating more SSIDs that appears as open networks (additional to the only open SSID that you can propagate configuring the Pineapple). Best regards.
  6. Hello, I don't know if I am missing something obvious but I have been working in an issue with my Nano, it start to broadcast the collected SSIDs but 2 minutes after it stops broadcasting, to start the broadcast again I have to go to the PineAP menu and disable the daemon, save setting, unselect all the options "Allow Associations" until "Broadcast SSID Pool" save settings, enable the daemon again, save settings and select again all the options and save, and it works again only for 2 minutes. I have been looking in the forum but I can't find something to resolve the issue. I have tried factory resets and uninstall modules. Any help will be very appreciated. My best regards.
  7. Hi, in version 2.3.1, 3 unexpected restarts in a period of 3 hours. One of the restarts after the usb connection to my phone and enabling tethering.
  8. Hi, with version 2.3.0 I had an issue when connected my wifi card ALFA AWUS036NHA to access Internet. All the configuration done under "Access Points" was established to default, losing the configurations done for "Management SSID" "Management PSK" "Disable Management AP" and "Open SSID". It happened only the first time when connected the ALFA card, after reconfigure all the section, the configurations remains even using the ALFA card.
  9. Hello Foxtrot, this day I tested with a macOS 10.11.3 and browser Chrome Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit) but the results were the same. Recon stops at 10 or 15% and shows partial information, sometimes reach the 100% but freeze. I will look for ways to share logs and please help me to analyze them. Thanks for your time. Greetings.
  10. Hello Foxtrot, has been an update about this issue? Many thanks for your help and happy new year to everyone! Regards.
  11. Hi, I am using Android 6.0.1 with Google Chrome 62.0.3202.84 and modules nmap, tcpdump, DWall, SSLsplit, SiteSurvey and DNSspoof. Cheers.
  12. Hello, I´m having the same issue with firmware 2.0.2. Tried multiple times, Recon shown partial information and stop at 10, 20 or 25% or freezes at 100% without information about clients. Regards.
  13. Hello, I´m having the same issue with Dwall module. Regards.
  14. Follow the instructions of Foxtrot: "You will need to change the "Client Filtering" mode in the Filters module to "Deny". This is a new change in the firmware." Works for me. Regards.
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