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  1. Check the start_chroot.sh script I uploaded a few posts back here... Samba performance looked good on debian wheeze, but I just tried dd ... No real use Regarding auto installation, I think it's not ready yet, because once installed how are you going to manage the unit, Shares, users, etc... Regarding porting software from other sigma chips/vendors...I can't see the point, maybe you can provide an example of use or program you're interested in...
  2. Nice! I'm wondering... What are the 4 unsoldered points close to the JTAG header? Besides this...IMHO having the chrooted wheezy provides almost everithing we could need. Upgrading the Kernel would be nice, because some tweaks improves a bit network or fs, but maybe too mutch effort for a limited (but interesting) device. I'm saying this because I'm expecting to have some drivers problems...And hacking the boot process (YAMON) could be difficult too as images can be signed, using a key SigmaDesigns provides to the developpers... The only big drawback could be the installation pr
  3. Hi, I would like to make it easy to test, but I'm afraid I can't... I'm sure I (we) can help if you try to follow the guide so we can improve it to make it easier on the points you have problems to follow through
  4. I added the mini-guide to https://github.com/dtrigo/canon-cs100/ But I need to find a place to upload the described file so it can be easy to use...
  5. Hi Andrej, I'm testing a debian wheezy image, I tried samba, nfs (v3), rsync, ssh, ... No problems so far... I don't have much time to test, but I can prepare a mini tutorial on preparing the debian chroot and some tools... I'm looking for a site on I can upload all the stuff
  6. Any problem, suggestion or comment? Although probably needs more depuration, does anyone with 2 disks tried to 'flash' the chroot image (remember to copy /lib/modules/*/ to the chrooted image) to the rootfs partition? If I had 2 cs100 or another 2.5" disk It'll be my next try...
  7. On the chrooted debian: Unpack to /lib/modules/ depmod -a modprobe exportfs modprobe nfsd apt-get install nfs-kernel-server Ready to share nfs... nfsd.zip
  8. Applying the patches to the kernel are a bit tricky. My journey so far: decompress sources, decompress kernel source, cd linux-2.6.35 patch -p1 < ../sigma_patches/<patch_name> in patch_name the order should be: -first all the named XXXX.<something> -second all the <non numbers> but "proprietary.2.6.35.patch" wich I can't apply -third all the 000X-Sigma.... -fourth all the novatec_patches Now, once installed the toolchain, should provide a compilable kernel... let's see what happens...
  9. No, you need to install apache+dav on your chrooted debian (https://servidordebian.org/es/squeeze/internet/webdav/apache2_davfs), remember to share the same folder as you share on the samba server (if you want to access the same files) More complex setup is possible, but as a start you can do it with this... On your phone, there are a lot of DAV clients available, I like "File Manager+" on my android for it's simplicity
  10. Hi, using samba inside the chrooted debian it's pretty straitforward https://www.unixmen.com/standalone-samba-in-debian-squeeze/ didn't test performance, but it should work... I edited the post because I did a fast test: From CS100 to pc pv < /mnt/canon/dumb > /dev/null ^C01MiB 0:00:09 [23,1MiB/s] [======> ] 7% ETA 0:01:49 From PC to CS100 root@pve:~# pv < /dev/zero > /mnt/canon/dumb ^C31MiB 0:00:15 [14,9MiB/s] I don't remember what kind of ethernet cable I
  11. If you want to try, you need to attach a serial/jtag to stop -I think hitting "1"- the YAMON boot proccess(similar to uboot), but you'll need to sign the kernel with the vendor 2048 key... you can find some info for another sigma SoC. If you feel brave enough, you can try to modify yamon from the telnet interface, wich can cause a brick... mtd_dumpxenv2.bash: mtd_dumpxenv2.bash | grep tftp (0x00) 62 y.nwk <6c....> load -b tftp:// 0x84000000 Maybe you can try to replicate the network resource and see if it tres to load the kernel...
  12. I'm trying again more explicitly. I don't have very mutch knowdeledge compiling kernels, maybe someone with more know-how could make it. As far as I understand, I have the toolchain, the base kernel and the config used (apparently), I think we need the specific patches used to build 'our' kernel...
  13. Canon replied to my request that all the GPL & LGPL information is on the NAS, on Preferences --> OSS License I didn't had the time to check what the neck are they talking about, but I don't expect very mutch...
  14. https://xp-dev.com/sc/35582/88/%2Ftrunk%2Fsmp86xx_toolchain%2F.config If anyone is interested in download the GPL resources that SigmaDesigns offers to their clients, maybe you can check line 16 on the url I provided... Also I requested to Canon their GPL/LGPL Source Code... @Valo88 That's not possible with the current boot procedure. I don't have the details of this processor, but the info I could get about some 'brothers' it looks a bit complicated. The boot procedure is handled by YAMON, the kernels -could be- encrypted with a saved key (inside MTD), the rootfs is on the har
  15. I found a sigma tangoX kernel tree at https://github.com/mansr/linux-tangox/ but not exactly our kernel version... The kernel was apparently build for our box with the toolchain https://sourcery.mentor.com/public/gnu_toolchain/mips-linux-gnu/mips-4.4-303-mips-linux-gnu.bin
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