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  1. Great, guys! You are completely right, sure there is a way to make it happen. Is really good to know too that like Foxtrot said, there is an interesting and currently growing community interested in iOS security research, hope some day I'll be able to contribute with this goal in some way. Thanks for the great idea Darren! I'll make some research on it. By the way, your work is awesome, all my respect! A great new year for you all!!
  2. Maybe I am newbie, however I have a lot of determination and really want to know how to hack iOS too xD I will search about metasploit and bruteforcing like you recommend me. If you have another clue I will appreciate it. Thanks for your replies. Regardssss.
  3. Thanks for your reply RazerBlade! So sad to know that is impossible to hack iOS, hope someday it will happen. About hacking an android, could you please recommend me some tread to study it? Regards!
  4. Hi great community! First let me apologize if I am asking for something too obvious, but it's been difficult to find some topic about this tread once that I'm just begining to study hacking and with the bush bunny. I have read some topics and watched some hak5 videos, but still needing to find some tutorial to hack Android and iOS with Bush Bunny. Do you have any idea or recommendation? Thank you very much.
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