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  1. Hi @CS5, Welcome to Hak5. Unfortunately the OS will need to support the MIPS CPU architecture. Then the image will need to be put on the exact MTD partitions for it to boot. The kernel would need to be built for this device to include the drivers. (Source code has been included in a previous post, But it will require somebody with previous experience to create and compile it) The next issue is, as far as I am aware, the System does not support "X" for video output. All this would not be an easy feat. :(
  2. Hi duronman, I believe when it talks about build time, it means the compilation process before it goes onto the machine, not during run time. Not sure why it is not working for you but have you tried chown the file before you modify it? also please double check that it is the canon station modifying the file, and there are not some write issues while changing the telnet variable. if it does continue to change, you could try removing write permission on the file so then the cs100 cannot touch it. Hope all goes well for you ?
  3. Hi eiefem, Sorry to say I am not aware of anybody who has managed to clone or recover the partitions due to the MTD blocks on the hard drive. For the partitions though this post gives a better description of the setup:
  4. Hi @M4L, There should only be 4 screws but it is also held in the center of each side by some clips. This Image should help: DSC_7183.jpg (Image from Zom on https://www.boards.ie/b/thread/2057830759/15?#post-105947297)
  5. So having a quick look, the thing I think we will find most useful is the Linux kernel (linux.tar.bz2) source code with all the patches used on it for sigma & novatec. Unfortunately there is not much I can do with it. we really need somebody with some kernel experience. the toolchain application stated in the readme.txt is the one linked in a post above (https://sourcery.mentor.com/GNUToolchain/release1504?cmpid=7108)
  6. Awesome, thanks for the upload @knol. gonna download it now and give it a quick gander.
  7. hi @Matias, I don't think anybody has managed to get samba or NFS to work on it yet which would be used to turn it into a NAS. Sorry to say but I haven't looked at it in a little while since I have been working.
  8. Sounds like they are just trying to fob you off :(
  9. Not sure on the image of the drive & what tools to use. But after my first post I had experimented with no HDD, a blank HDD and then a HDD that had Linux on it to see how it would react. unfortunately the all just came up with the same error on the screen. something like "Error: 000001" if I remember right.
  10. I'll assume the .frm file (link provided on first post) is only for updating rather than recovery due to it's small file size. would like it if canon did provide a recovery method. I wouldn't mind providing a clone of my drive and uploading it, but I wouldn't know where to start to make sure the MTD blocks are copied perfectly. I can't see it being more than a couple of gigs when compressed ( hopefully it plays nice with compression since uploading a 1tb file would not be feasible, but I can not see why it wouldn't be ) So if any tools come to mind I wouldn't mind giving it a tr
  11. Fixed the issue: since my home network is on 192.168.1.x, the debian is configured to be on 192.168.0.x. to modify this in telnet: nano /etc/resolv.conf then change to the nameserver you want (I changed it to then save using ctrl + x Edit: Commands to install ssh: apt-get install ssh passwd (type in password when asks) service ssh restart
  12. @nimrud Thanks for all your hard work. Followed the CLI commands. Just a couple of issues I had to get it working. (I'll post them below to make it easier for other people to get it working) tar xzvf debian.tar.gz -C /home/debian mount -o loop debian-squeeze.img /home/debian/ Needed to be the below commands for me: tar xzvf debian-squeeze.img.tgz -C /home/debian mount -o loop /debian/debian-squeeze.img /home/debian/ The only other issue I'm having is that the chrooted debian cannot seem to be able to resolve DNS requests so it cannot use the apt-get. maybe this is due t
  13. The more people looking to hack & modify this for other uses, the better :) some use cases I can think of for this if we progress: NAS Personal git server light-weight PHP server Low power Thin client
  14. here you go: -bash-3.00# dmesg Linux version (builder@buildmachine.com) (gcc version 4.4.1 (A VSourcery G++ Lite 4.4-303-2 with Java) ) #1 PREEMPT Fri May 19 10:18:22 JST 201 7 Configured for SMP867x, detected SMP8673 (revision ES1). Detected CPU/System/DSP Frequencies: 796.50/398.25/398.25MHz SMP86xx Enabled Devices under Linux/XENV 0x9ebfbff4 = 0x002303f8 Ethernet IR FIP I2CM I2CS SDIO SDIO1 U
  15. This of any help? -bash-3.00# cat /proc/cpuinfo system type : Sigma Designs TangoX SMP8XXX Chip ID : 8673 SMP8XXX Rev ID : 1 System bus frequency : 398250000 Hz CPU frequency : 796500000 Hz DSP frequency : 398250000 Hz processor : 0 cpu model : MIPS 74Kc V5.0 FPU V0.0 BogoMIPS : 398.13 wait instruction : yes microsecond timers : yes tlb_entries : 64 extra interrupt vector : yes hardware watchpoint : yes, count: 4, address/irw mask: [0x0418, 0x06c8, 0x07
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