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  1. I followed your instructions, so far so good. What I decided. The site survey seems to be the most unstable on the sd card. Right now I am only using the DWALL and the Evil Portal in my presentation. Running them off the internal storage and so far everything is stable. I figured I can do the same thing the site survey does on my kali linux with the panda wifi usb I have and airodump, replay and crack tools. Thanks to everyone that has been helping. Hopefully I'm getting closer to a good presentation Wed. Crossing fingers. Thanks Anthony
  2. Just wanted to update. I bought a 16gig SD card, thinking a smaller one would work better. So I am going to reset and try again in the morning. I also have a friend coming over tomorrow that knows linux a little better then I. He says he can help me try to the trick formatting the usb stick and trying to mount that to /sd If anyone has any thoughts, words, prayers, suggestions. I am open to them. Really hoping I can use this device for my presentation Wed. Make or break for me. Thanks
  3. Blah I have a presentation Wednesday. This is gonna really help take it home. I need to try something, then do that. Another user suggested taking a usb stick and formatting that and mounting that the /sd but I'm not sure of how to do that . Linux masters, little help.
  4. i tried formatting on the Pineapple, it didn't like it. So I did it on Kali. Then I'll plug into the pineapple, that's where I'm not sure how to do it the way you said. Anthony
  5. I took a usb stick and formatted it with ext on my kali linux. What are the next steps to do your suggested configuration. Not the strongest linux. Thanks alot for your help.
  6. i also posted on a forum post that was similar. Getting these errors after trying to download a packet capture from the site survey module, which is install on the SD card I formatted in the software. Here are the errors [ 247.700000] Write-error on swap-device (8:0:1328) [ 247.700000] Write-error on swap-device (8:0:1336) [ 247.700000] Write-error on swap-device (8:0:1344) [ 247.750000] Write-error on swap-device (8:0:1352) [ 247.800000] Write-error on swap-device (8:0:1360) [ 247.800000] Write-error on swap-device (8:0:1368) [ 247.800000] Write-error on swap-de
  7. I'm wondering if I am having the same problem. I at first couldn't install any module. I posted on the forum, you guys suggested an SD card. I got a 32gig one, formatted on the software as told. I installed the modules on the SD card. But I can only capture a few packets with the site survey. I try to download the results. The NANO freezes. Was hoping to use this at a presentation Wednesday. Freaking out a little. Any thoughts? [ 247.800000] Write-error on swap-device (8:0:1376) [ 247.850000] Write-error on swap-device (8:0:1384) [ 247.850000] Write-error on swap-device (8:0:1392)
  8. I am playing with my NANO. I've been trying to do site surveys and it keeps freezing up, even though I move all the modules to an SD card to use that storage. Without that I couldn't even get it installed. I see an article where one person took a USB drive, formatted to ext and used that on the pineapple. Is that a recommended thing. I'm find I can do things for a short amount of time, but things just freeze up alot. Hoping I'm just missing something Thanks
  9. Sounds good. My weekend is planned lol. Any other info or tutorials would be good. The book doesn't seem to be too thorough, that comes with it. Searching Youtube tonight. Thanks
  10. I recent got a Pineapple NANO, just got the SD card and so far the device seems to be working. What I wanted to ask the group, I have to do a demonstration to a group of IT Directors on hacking and some of the tricks Pen Testers use. Any suggestions on what modules look the most impressive and are demonstrable in front of group. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I link to any tutorials you think I should look over would also be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Ok sounds good. I'll work on it tonight. I was gonna focus on DNSSpoof and the build in component for my hacking demo. Any other suggestions that you think look impressive? Thanks again for your help and quick responses.
  12. Yes, Internet sharing is working and the bulletin loads. I think the space is the problem. I didn't realize it was so tight. I'm getting and SD card today. Should I just reset and start over? I tried to remove DNSSpoof and nmap and its just stuck there now. I really need those two working. I have a presentation I was gonna use this for next week. I'm going a hacking demonstration. Any cool looking wow stuff you recommend. Maybe some pointers of how to do it lol. Thanks for your help either way. Anthony
  13. Also would love to see a video about using this device with a virtual box'd kali instance.
  14. I unbox my NANO today I got through the setup and have basic functionality. I try to install DNSspoof and nmap modules. They both say Dependencies Not Installed. I click Not Installed. It says it will install dependencies. I click internal. It says installing and goes for a few seconds and then it goes back to not installed. I am also a little disappointed that there is more videos on the functionality and explain some of the things you can do with this. Thank you for your time and attention. Anthony
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