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  1. Yeah. Right now I have it plugged into my laptop for battery and into my Android for usage. Laptop won't connect to it using its IP. Making my work space very small
  2. Tried on my Android and it worked. IP was very different. But even typing that address doesn't work on my laptop so I don't know what's the cause of that
  3. Hi, I've just received the WiFi Pineapple Nano and everything seemed to work well until I had to connect to to set it up. I am using Windows 7 and my browser (Google Chrome) said that the site can't be reached and that the IP refused to connect. I did look on other forums but all I've seen was uncheck your internet sharing (was already done) and to reset it which didn't change anything. So I would really like some help to get this set up and finally upgrade my pentesting arsenal, thanks.
  4. I am still new in my pentesting career. From what I've seen in videos, the Ducky was extremely easy to code a payload for. I wasn't aware it was much more complex than the Bunny. So I suppose I will stick with that. I do also imagine that the chances of an employer leaving around an open PC for the Ducky would be less than likely. (Just to make sure, the Ducky can only be used on an unlocked PC, correct?)
  5. But isn't the Ducky so much faster than the Bunny? Like 1+ minutes for the Bunny (or maybe 30 seconds) and 7 seconds for the ducky? Which is why I figured I'd buy both since the Bunny can do more but doesn't match the Ducky's speed for a keyboard. What I am wondering is that I've heard both, the Bunny and Turtle can take the creds from a locked computer and I do not know how these 2 compare into pros and cons. If the Bunny is only a combination of the Ducky & Turtle then I may as well only buy those 2 as they would do their own thing better. Or does the Bunny do what the Turtle can also do and more? Basically I'll just map out my purchase options: Ducky+Bunny / Ducky+Turtle/ Ducky+Bunny+Turtle. I am also considering to purchase a pineapple if one of these devices helps that better.
  6. Like what can one offer me that the other can't
  7. Hi, I was looking on making a purchase with devices including the Rubber Ducky but I was also interested to buying the Bash Bunny as well but I've also read on a Reddit forum that it's better to have the Ducky and Turtle together than the Bunny alone. My question is which one should I pair with the Ducky? The Bunny or Turtle? What can they offer me that the other can't? Thanks
  8. Hi, I was looking at the pineapples and found the Nano and Tetra very interesting but on the Hak5 store description, they don't really compare the too together. I'd like to know especially if the size of the Tetra is worth it if it has a lot of extra range and power. I've also heard the Tetra needs a lot of batteries while the Nano doesn't. So what's worth to get between these 2 models in terms of range, power and stealth? Thanks
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