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  1. Okay, So after more reading, I think the issue is that I'm using a uk keyboard layout. As well as changing this in the individual payloads, do I also need to change any other files? No doubt I'll soon find out...
  2. Hi guys. Read with interest for months, and took the plunge and purchased a bash bunny last week. Running Windows 10 pro x64 I'm trying to get quickcreds to work. I've updated to the latest firmware, downloaded the latest payloads, and added Impact and Responder to tools when trying to get dumpcreds to work (unsuccessfully). Whilst it appears to initialise, most of the payloads I try and run, other than some of the simple "none capture" ones end with a flashing red light, with nothing captured. I've tried to find a way of restoring to factory (not resetting the device, power up, green light, remove 3 times etc), in case I've done something wrong when initially messing with the device, but cannot see away to do this. Can anyone give this frustrated newbie any pointers? I have red the threads on quickcreds, and had no joy. If there's a thread that i've missed, please feel free to point me to that, or any other resource that could help me. As I said, very new to this, and have next to no experience with Linux, which \i know doesn't help, but am happy to putty into the device with a little guidance. Thank you in advance guys. Matt
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