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  1. SSH to PS and run the tool "reformat_usb" to format to ext4. Otherwise try NTFS and if its not working try change network port.
  2. Now I have tried many different combinations with ports and filesystems. The problem seem to be ext4, its only working with NTFS.
  3. In armed mode i have access to SSH and internet access and i have eth0 and eth1. When i attempt to start in switch1 with tcpdump its not working to SSH, internet and its not recording. The LED is blinking red, green, blue, "off". I have tried using drive in ext4, NTFS and fat32 without success.
  4. Am i suppose to have eth1 also when i type ifconfig? I only have eth0..
  5. Not sure if the firmware upgrade is working either even following the instructions step-by-step. I might have newest version but not certain.
  6. When i start the PS the capture isnt working, its blinking red, green, blue when attempting to start tcpdump payload and dont get internet access on computer. SSH to device works.
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